Ad Hoc Reporting
and Self-Service Visualization

Ad hoc reporting empowers business users with self-service information access. An effective ad hoc tool must have two key components: data and visuals. Data access components must present intuitive views of business data. Visual components should give novice users the ability to either visually analyze the data or retrieve it as documents or data files.
ad hoc reports

Visual Dashboard Customization

All visualizations, dashboards, and document reports published in the InetSoft web app have built-in fine-grained self-service customization. If a business need is similar to an existing report or dashboard, this ad hoc need can probably be satisfied by simple customization.

ad-hoc customization reports

Business Data Views for SQL Databases, OLAP Data Warehouses & More

Users are presented with simple, intuitive business data views based on underlying data models. The data models not only factor out technical details, they also provide data security control and runtime safeguards against runaway queries.

sql and olap ad hoc reports
ad hoc visual analytic reports

Guided Steps to Visual Analytic Dashboards or Document Reports

InetSoft's web app guides business users step-by-step for ad hoc reporting. Interactive analytic dashboards, published document reports or downloaded query data are all at users' fingertips.

ad hoc report wizard