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Since 1996 InetSoft has been offering business intelligence applications that are flexible and powerful, serving over 3,000 enterprises and solution providers worldwide. OLAP query and analysis tools enable the business user to inspect data from different perspectives and with different parameters. Business requirements and user skill levels vary vastly; therefore, the availability of multiple options is necessary.

As an OLAP tool, InetSoft's application supports both ad hoc analysis reports and the creation of publishable structured business reports. InetSoft's operational business intelligence solution offers multiple options to suit those variations. Each option's IT investment requirement can be drastically different, which will thereby determine its feasibility, in many cases.

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Report-based and Ad Hoc Analysis

In the enterprise reporting environment, ad hoc reporting tools and interactive production reports offer basic in-context analysis cost efficiently. InetSoft's in-report exploration and ad hoc reporting software enables this analysis. In fact, one of InetSoft's differentiators is the maximum self-service enabled in the area of ad hoc analysis via end-user defined data mashup, something not enabled in any other business intelligence solution. The key advantages of InetSoft's ad hoc reporting tools are:

  • Easy to use, minimum training
  • Low IT investment and overhead
  • The ability to leverage existing infrastructure
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Analytic Dashboards

An analytic dashboard is a rapid deployment, visual analysis tool. InetSoft's visualization software Style Scope combines the power of real-time data mashup with an intuitive visual interface.

Visual objects present data items as dimensions, measures, and parameters for drag-and-drop analysis. The key advantages are:

  • Rapid deployment
  • An easy-to-use visual environment
  • The ability to facilitate collaboration
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OLAP-based Analysis

OLAP is well established in traditional business intelligence. To ensure premium performance, it is supported in InetSoft software by a special XMLA data source type. InetSoft provides an integrated OLAP front-end that allows business users to tap into this rich source of data. The key advantages are:

  • High performance
  • The ability to leverage a data warehouse investment
  • The ability to mashup OLAP data with other sources

InetSoft's rich ad hoc reporting software empowers business users of all skill levels by providing the OLAP server tools necessary to access insightful information.

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