Analytic Dashboards

Dashboards utilize visualization as their primary means of information presentation. Analytic dashboards take this one step further with rich interactivity and self-service customization. Furthermore, data manipulation access should also be provided to data knowledgable power users.
analytic visual dashboards

Self-Service Analytics - Automatically Wired Visualizations with Customization

Visual components are automatically wired together. This allows easy analysis through simple point and click. Power users can access customization functions to completely change perspectives and calculations.

Rich Visualization, Highly Flexible Tables & Rich Visual Components

Visualizations can be customized with a rich set of chart choices. However, a true analytic dashboard can only be complete when enriched with flexible tables and other visual/interactive components.

rich visualization
visual dashboard components

User Collaboration and Team Sharing

With built-in collaboration functions like annotations, bookmarking and sharing, analysis naturally extends to human collaboration and shared thoughts. Unlike external conversations, human-injected information is live and associated with the data. The association and history is not lost when new and updated data comes in. Conversations can also be secured to various scopes.

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