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InetSoft’s data visualization software is one of the easiest and quickest ways to assemble and analyze enterprise data in a visually comprehensible manner. While other solutions require hours of painstaking backend IT development or are limited to desktop data such as spreadsheets, InetSoft allows the average business user to build his/her own visual analyses and dashboards based on live enterprise data or data warehouses.

This self-service philosophy reduces the role of an IT department to the initial product setup and routine maintenance. Thus, immediately after the initial set-up, users can begin to drag and drop Data Blocks™ from multiple data sources simultaneously onto a design grid from the visual composer.

From the first time a user opens the visual composer, it is evident that customization is the highest priority. Users are free to manipulate the size, color, font, text, layout, or display of any element they chose and craft the visualizations that make the most sense to them with virtually unlimited design options.

Since InetSoft's data visualization software is a zero-client server-based solution. Any visualization can then be shared throughout an organization to paint an accurate portrait of internal and external performance. Security features assign several levels of permissions to groups or individuals, decision makers to access and dissect the information they need, when they need it.

By accessing your enterprise data directly, users are always assured of visualizing the most up to information available giving them the ability to compare and contrast real-time and historical data.
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Data visualization software features include:

Data Visual Chart Sample

Rich multi-dimensional charting

Multi-dimensional charting is the ability to depict more than two dimensions on a graph by simultaneously representing points through various shapes, sizes, or colors. This enables users to create 3d, 4d, or even 5d charts.

Brushing for data exploration

Brushing is a technique that allows users to highlight data points within one chart and immediately isolate corresponding data points in accompanying charts leading to quick comparative analysis and recognition of aberrations and outliers.

Co-located multi-charts

The ability to position multiple charts of various types in a shared location and quickly sort through them by clicking on the corresponding tab thereby reducing dashboard complexity and enhancing the propensity for accurate interpretation.

Custom geographic data binding

The ability to bind data to built-in geographic points on world, state, or city levels, as well as custom defined areas on a map like sales territories or political districts that can be easily added with minimal scripting.

Drag-and-drop dashboard designer

The ability to drag desired elements like charts, tables, filter, or objects onto a design grid and then drop Data Blocks onto them. From the design grid, users can manipulate the size, color, font, text, layout, or display of any element they chose.

Multi-source data mashup and visualization

The ability to analyze data with visualizations created from combinations of various data sources including: relational databases via JDBC, multidimensional databases, OLAP cubes, XML, SOAP, Java beans (POJO), EJB beans, CSV, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (XLS), and web services.

Data Visualization Chart Sample
“We were impressed with the visual appeal and ease-of-use of the data visualization program. InetSoft was easy to deal with and has a number of flexible license options on its products to choose from.”
- John Giolli, CFO at SUNRx

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