Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise asset management professionals depend on software such as Aptean's TabWare EAM, IBM's Maximo, Infor, MAPCON, and SAP. However, information access can quickly become challenging once the needs exceed built-in, mostly static reporting capability. The challenge increases when mashing up data from other enterprise sources such as ERP systems becomes necessary.

enterprise asset managemnet

Visual Dashboards for EAM Systems

InetSoft's business intelligence web app creates a common data layer where data mashup is easily accomplished. Within the same web app, data can be quickly turned into visualization dashboards for online analytics and monitoring.

Maintenance and facility management KPI dashboard

Data Mashup of All Assets and Self-Service Visualization

Enterprise asset management deals with many asset classes such as IT, equipment, and facilities. These asset classes normally have their own management systems and data stores. InetSoft allows easy mashup of these data sources and turns mashed up data into visual dashboards in one single web app.

Enterprise asset management  Data Mashup

Machine Learning For Asset Management

Machine learning has been applied to asset management in many different ways. For example, machine learning can inspect past maintenance data records to predict likely failure points. This can be used by asset managers to decide spare parts inventory levels. InetSoft's machine learning can be easily mashed up with human designed analysis to bring together the best of both worlds.

Machine Learning Dashboard for Enteprise Asset Management