Embedded Analytics and Reporting

InetSoft's SOA and Java architecture, small footprint, and open standards-based technology makes embedding reports easy. Because of the architecture's 'componentized' nature, there are numerous approaches that can be used for embedding reports and BI integration projects, including:

Embedded Reporting Engine

Java-based Web or desktop applications can embed our engine to render production reports. Key benefits include the ability to:

  • Reduce data query and manipulation complexity
  • Deliver high fidelity, professional quality presentation
  • Leverage standard skills – XML, JavaScript and Java
  • Reduce report maintenance and management cost
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Embedded Interactive Dashboards and Reports

Web applications can call our servlet or web Services to create seamless integration with minimal coding. Such an intergrated BI solution enables business users to gain access to application data with more freedom. Key benefits include the ability to:

  • Maximize dashboard and enterprise reporting value by leveraging native interactivity
  • Extend data access through ad hoc reports
  • Serve many users by exploiting our scalability

Unlimited report embedding possibilities exist with InetSoft BI technology, and its flexibility will accommodate the most demanding integration requirements.

"Each application is data-rich, and our customers need easy-to-use, yet powerful, embedded reporting and analysis capabilities. We have been particularly happy with the performance that embedding InetSoft's technology has delivered with reports running in seconds, not minutes, which has considerably enhanced the end-user experience -- while at the same time reducing the resource load in producing reports and greatly increasing throughput."
- James McCormick, Project Leader at DSI

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