Embedded Analytics and Reporting

Business is an ever evolving field. As technology gets more sophisticated and the times change, businesses must adapt. They must not only adapt they way they conduct their business, however, but also the way they track it.

A complete embedded dashboard and reporting solution needs to provide the right mix of features and ease of use, but also must fit into the host application as seamlessly as possible.

embedded analytics and reports

Data intelligence software has been around for a while. In fact, Microsoft Excel is technically a type of business intelligence software. Excel operates with only limited access to a data warehouse that must constantly be updated.

This places it in the standalone BI category. Standalone BI applications require highly trained power users to conceptualize advanced formulae to manipulate and track data.

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Benefits of InetSoft Embedded BI

Integrated BI software is a step up from the standalone programs. These programs are slightly more user friendly, allowing themselves to be merged (integrated) with another application to analyze data. These utilities still operate off a static data warehouse and typically require an external BI server process to function.

Embedded BI is the most seemless. Applications in this category operate with access to real-time data stores.

They allow users to report and analyze data without leaving the application they use every day. For example, a CRM application where the embedded dashboard displays the daily number of new leads created, or a financial management application that provides immediate drill-through reporting, would fall under this category.

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A Study of Intellitrends Dashview Solution

Intellitrends is a Michigan-based market research firm that has been serving clients of all types and sizes for over 25 years.

Prior to partnering with InetSoft, Intellitrends was presenting its carefully gathered market research in the form of PowerPoint presentations. The time came to a find more valuable and impactful ways to deliver their important findings.

After carefully evaluating several options, Intellitrends decided to utilize InetSoft's Style Intelligence to create Dashview. Dashview is a cloud-hosted set of interactive dashboards available through the Intellitrends password-protected website.

The dashboards are customized to show performance measures for each individual client, and they automatically update as new data comes in. The program also gives different levels of access based on login, so different departments and levels of management can have access to different levels of information. Alerts can be set to warn of competitive or operational risk situations.

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