Embedded BI Dashboarding

InetSoft's service-oriented architecture (SOA), small Java footprint, and open standards-based technology makes embedding dashboards into any web-based application easy.

ISVs and SaaS providers are able to re-skin InetSoft's enterprise dashboard software application, Style Scope, to deliver a complete visual analysis application that enables end users to create ad hoc and custom embedded dashboards, or carefully crafted dashboards suited precisely for the data in their application.

Whether the hosting application is Java-based or .NET, InetSoft's software offers the integration options that yield the desired fully re-branded, or seamless embedded dashboard solution.

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Data Mashup for Combining Disparate Data Sources

Product Highlights

  • Connectivity to relational databases (via JDBC), multidimensional databases,column-based data warehouses, OLAP cubes, Hadoop/HIVE, MapR, SAP HANA, PeopleSoft, SAP ERP, Siebel CRM, Google AdWords & Analytics, JDE, salesforce.com, Microsoft Excel, flat files, XML, SOAP, Java beans (POJO), EJB beans and more. (See All Data Sources)
  • Security control on the data cell level leveraging Single Sign On and parent application hierarchies
  • Strong multi-tenant support for hosted solutions
  • Drag and drop in a Web browser, spreadsheet-like design for rapid development by developers
  • Use gauges, thermometers, and other familiar objects with a contemporary look and feel for intuitive interactive KPI dashboards
  • Use charts, maps, and other advanced visual display via Flex, AJAX and Flash
  • Read about more features and see example screenshots on the Style Scope product page

Years of Experience Serving OEMs

Since 1996, InetSoft 's enterprise BI applications have been in demand by other solution providers. As a result, the company always strives to be as developer friendly as possible, and to date its technology has been embedded into the solutions of hundreds of ISVs and SaaS providers serving countless industries worldwide.

Data Mashup for Combining Disparate Data Sources
Read comments from OEM partners on the dashboard software reviews page and review case studies to learn why they chose InetSoft
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Flexible Licensing

Part of what makes InetSoft developer friendly is flexibility in licensing options. From named or concurrent user models to unlimited usage CPU models, perpetual license or subscription-based licenses, InetSoft has an option to match the business requirements of the solution provider.

License discounting is proportional to the overall solution pricing, size of commitment, and plans for roll-out; an attractive proposal can be created for both start-ups and mature technology companies.

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