Enterprise Data Mashups

Taming your data jungle with the ease of drag and drop from the browser.

InetSoft offers a business intelligence platform for dashboard and reporting that includes powerful enterprise data mashup capabilities. With data mashup tools, disparate data sources of almost any type can be combined to produce reports and dashboards that provide new insights and create internal information management efficiencies.

InetSoft is a pioneer in data mashup technology and offers a unique capability of end-user defined data mashup, which means even business users can combine fields from different data sources that were not previously modeled, and even import external data sources such as spreadsheets, to create a new dashboard or report to be shared in the BI environment. The end result is maximum self-service.

Data mashup software also provides technical benefits including building complex queries via a drag-and-drop query building tool. Furthermore, it enables the concept of 'agile business intelligence' whereby new data sources can quickly be added to a BI environment via direct connections to the operational data sources, bypassing the need for adding them to a data warehouse, or allowing experimentation before doing so.

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Data Mashup Applications

  • Cross-functional dashboards
  • Competitive analysis
  • Compliance and risk-assessment
  • Disaster monitoring and disaster response
  • External vendor reports
  • Interdepartmental operations review
  • Situational awareness solutions

Data Mashup Benefits

  • Better ROI from SOA, legacy data sources and future mashups
  • Easier sharing of information to all common user interfaces (portals, dashboards, spreadsheets, etc.)
  • Faster access to internal and external data sources, regardless of format
  • Increased end-user adoption and satisfaction
  • Lowered internal reporting resource demands
  • Reduced application development costs and risks
Data Mashup Chart Sample

Data Mashup Features

  • Mashups can be 'plugged in' to existing security infrastructure
  • Mashups can access data sources while conforming to native security mechanisms
  • Interactive dashboards and drillable reports can be rapidly built based on mashed up data
  • Connectivity to relational databases (JDBC), multidimensional databases, Hadoop/HIVE, XML, SOAP, Java beans (POJO), Excel, flat files, OLAP cubes, SAP, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, salesforce.com, Siebel CRM, Postgress, Google AdWords and Analytics, and Microsoft SharePoint

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