Financial Advisor Dashboard

With InetSoft, organizations can easily build and customize their own dashboards catered to their needs with simple drag-and drop designs and a diverse library of charts and graphs. Dashboards aid users in visualizing where their business stands and how to improve. They also keep track of goals, objectives and key metrics and allows users to set alerts when a metric or goal is not met.

InetSoft's dashboard software transforms static information into interactive and actionable information. A dashboard can be the difference between a business' failure or success. As an innovator since 1996, InetSoft has the tools and experience to provide dashboards that drive businesses to the next level of success. Try the adjoining dashboard!

Compared to taking hours to find information through tedious spreadsheets, databases, and files, this visual analysis tool allows users to find information almost instantly.

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Capabilities of An Interactive Financial Advisor Dashboard

  • Drilldown into details or on a specific metric
  • Analyze revenue by quarters or year
  • Analyze profit by quarters or year
  • Filter by age of clients
  • Filter by income of clients
  • Filter by location of clients
  • Rank assets by gain/loss
  • Track goal attainments

Top Reasons to Select InetSoft

1) InetSoft has been providing award-winning business intelligence software since 1996 across all industries.
2) Easy to use with an intuitive, point-and-click, drag-and-drop design.
3) Java architecture, powerful patent-pending Data Block™ foundation for real-time data mashup
4) Minimum IT expertise required and no expensive BI expert or consultants needed for deployment
5) Web-based, reliable and zero client
6) Low maintenance overhead and flexible pricing
7) Highly visual and real time data

InetSoft Dashboard Review

"We chose InetSoft's Web-based dashboard solution because it could be deployed so easily across different geographies and computing platforms and because its feature set is so mature and robust. We were actually surprised by its ease-of-use for end-users when we started to see sales managers creating their own dashboards without special training or support from us in IT." - Erik Saline, Information Systems Specialist at Pentagon Technologies