Health Information Dashboard

This hospital hashboard is an example of one of InetSoft's interactive web-based applications for healthcare companies. This particular chart allows users to monitor Patient detail ranging from the Patient ID, Gender and Age, as well as being able to filter the age to better narrow down a desired Patient Detail.

This dashboard displays Staff to Patient ratios including department names and the number of doctors in those departments. Although our charts are simple to use they provide detailed fields and extensive results which will give you the most out of your data.

InetSoft's easy-to-use drag and drop design tools, healthcare companies can quickly build productive analytical tools like this one, that aid users in day-to-day operations, as well as help them keep track of and achieve long term goals and objectives.

InetSoft has a library of charts and visualization types to choose from, including geographic mapping, heat maps, and scatter plots. Healthcare industry executives can cater any completed dashboard to specific needs at any given time and even access them from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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Capabilities of InetSoft's Interactive Health Information Dashboard:

  • Filter by state, population, or specific query.
  • Analyze charts and graphs and then select other tabs to see other views or drilldown into details.
  • View data from multiple sources and formats on one dynamic screen.
  • Create bookmarks of favorite views.

Visualize Free - Free Analytics On-Demand

The live healthcare dashboard has been created an deployed using Visualize Free, a free visual analysis tool based on the advanced commercial dashboard and visualization software offered by InetSoft. No download required.

Visualize Free permits anyone to upload and sift through multi-dimensional data to spot trends and aberrations or slice and dice data with simple point-and-click methods, and gives users the option to share their visual analysis with others or keep it private. To try Visualize Free, please visit