Marketing Analytics

Digital marketing is generating large volumes of data from many different channels. The data is typically scattered in different places. InetSoft's data intelligence web app offers mashup-based visualizations and analytics. It removes technical barriers that often prevent effective implementation of data-driven marketing strategies.

Marketing Analytics

Visualize Marketing KPIs and Exploration

Visualization dashboards allow marketing professionals to easily analyze and refine marketing efforts. InetSoft's visual dashboards offer in-depth built-in interactivity and customization. The marketing team does not need any technical skills to effectively draw information from data.

marketing dashboard

Self-Service Marketing Data Mashup

Digital marketing is causing a data explosion on multiple fronts. Online search, social media, and traditional channels create a great variety of data. Data formats and granularity levels are also vastly diversified. InetSoft's data mashup-driven web app enables the combination of these data sources to extract maximum marketing value.

Marketing Data Mashup Tools

Discover Marketing Opportunities Via Machine Learning

Machine learning can take marketing insights to the next level. Algorithms can spot trends and hidden patterns that humans have not noticed. InetSoft's built-in machine learning capability not only brings out machine-discovered intelligence, but it also allows the output to be mashed up with human-designed analysis for comprehensive marketing intelligence.

Machine Learning Marketing Dashboard