QuickBooks Visualization and Reporting

InetSoft's partner Bison Analytics has created a solution for QuickBooks customers that brings with it the power of Style Intelligence. Bison is a leading specialist in the extraction and delivery of accurate QuickBooks data for analysis and business intelligence. Powered by InetSoft, the Bison System is a specialized, hosted BI tool that lets small and mid-sized companies take charge of their data in the same fashion as Fortune 500 companies.

Customized Dashboards and Reporting

With this new joint solution, customers can not only create dashboards and reports, but also filter, sort, format, and organize them, bringing previously unreachable levels of analytics and interactivity to QuickBooks data.

Style Intelligence is a small-footprint Java-based business intelligence server that enables rapid development and deployment of monitoring and analytical dashboards and reports such as this:

No longer do you need to settle for manual massaging of data or creation of reports that waste time and risk data accuracy. Our tool connects directly to live QuickBooks data and includes an easy-to-use drag-and drop-designer for maximum self-service.

Organizations can leverage our pre-built QuickBooks solution to get up-to-the-minute information anywhere, anytime.

Benefits of the Bison System

  • Single point data access - help your team make better informed decisions, improve operational efficiency, and enhance customer relations.

  • Real-time monitoring of strategic goals - know immediately whether modifications to your business plan are necessary to improve the success rate of meeting performance goals

  • Lower costs and improve efficiency - streamline process by identifying areas of waste and inefficiency

  • Simple function analysis - drill deep into data to find the answers you're looking for

  • No system requirements - installs in minutes and works with all US Windows versions of QuickBooks from Pro to Enterprise

Trained Professional Support

Bison Analytics knows data, and they love it! Whether it be Excel, Access, Analytics, or something else entirely, Bison will help you create the reports that you need. All Bison team members are recognized as InetSoft Certified Professionals, and we ensure you that they are BI consultants who fully understand and comprehend the ins outs of the software.

Free eBook for Companies Pushing the Limits of QuickBooks

Companies who are growing so successfully often find themselves pushing the limits of what QuickBooks can handle and what can be reported on and analyzed efficiently. Bison has written an in-depth eBook that discusses the pros and cons of staying with QuickBooks and includes a complimentary checklist to help business owners choose the right direction for their financial data management. Register and download the eBook from Bison.

Perfect for ProAdvisors

With our solution, creating reports is a much easier process. ProAdvisors can focus their time and energy on fun and high-margin consulting, instead of tedious report building.

We understand that ProAdvisors are often the analysts for growing businesses, and we give them a new tool to really understand their client and make the best recommendations possible.

We also offer a bookmarking feature for dashboards that allows them to send the bookmarks to their clients to show them exactly what is going on.

We welcome any interested ProAdvisors to reach out by clicking here and connect with Bison today!