Supercharge QuickBooks With Visualization and Reporting

InetSoft's partner Bison Analytics helps executives scale up on QuickBooks with the power of Style Intelligence. The Bison System offers a 100% complete, end-to-end business intelligence environment specifically designed for QuickBooks.

Bison provides everything top QuickBooks companies need to implement analytics quickly...not just a small piece of the solution. Bison Pro Services offers responsive, US-based support from business intelligence experts. Powered by InetSoft, Bison helps emerging businesses supercharge QuickBooks to drive growth.

quickbooks analytics dashboard

Customized Dashboards and Reporting

Custom dashboards using rich QuickBooks data lets executives focus on what's important and scale up right now. The Bison System quickly and accurately consolidates QuickBooks data. CFO’s can not only create dashboards and reports, but also filter, sort, format, and organize them, bringing previously unreachable levels of analytics and interactivity to QuickBooks data.

Style Intelligence is a small-footprint Java-based business intelligence server that enables rapid development and deployment of monitoring and analytical dashboards and reports such as the ones pictured here.

Bison’s scalable automation saves time and ensures data accuracy by eliminating manual manipulation of data. It also provides a data warehouse for all of your QuickBooks data, optimized for reporting, and includes an easy-to-use drag-and drop-designer for maximum self-service.

Emerging businesses can leverage our pre-built QuickBooks solution to get up-to-the-minute information anywhere, anytime. Just hit “Run” anytime you’re ready to sync and review your data. Or automate by scheduling a nightly Bison Sync.

Benefits of the Bison System

  • Leverage Your QuickBooks Investment - The Bison System + Your QuickBooks data = ERP for Growing Businesses. Comprehensive financial history lets you analyze all of your data for better insights.

  • Keep Growing Your Business Your Way - Top companies running on QuickBooks find their own unique way to use their data. Bison’s flexibility helps you find and create your key reports and dashboards using existing QuickBooks data.

  • Consolidate Your Way - Save hundreds of hours with easy consolidation of your QuickBooks files. We pull all available data from each file, in any location, in seconds. This allows you to create whatever reports you'd like.

  • 100% Customizable Portal - Use your logo, your links, your dashboards, your reports, and your colors. Create your own custom portal and see your data your way.

  • Scalable Automation - Automate your financial processes so you can reduce errors, save time, and focus on strategic analysis.

  • Detailed Data Analysis - Access all of the valuable data QuickBooks makes available, so you can drill down to detailed analysis.

  • Proprietary Audit - Bison audits your data and lets you know when there are issues. You’ll know your data is historically accurate to the penny.

quickbooks profit losss dashboard example

Certified US Based Professional Support and Training

When you call Bison, you're immediately in touch with a US-based business intelligence specialist who can provide expert installation, support, and training. All Bison team members are recognized as InetSoft Certified Professionals, and specialize in extracting and consolidating QuickBooks data to deliver the right information, at the right time and in the right format. The Bison support team averages over 20 years of hard-won, real-world experience with experience across enterprise and small business analytics.


Even the most user-friendly software comes with a learning curve. Bison is standing by when you need a hand, pointing you in the right direction. Their custom training sessions guide you through advanced topics, like how to import external data, create complicated prompting and charts, or any other tasks you want to learn.

Free eBook for Companies Pushing the Limits of QuickBooks

Companies who are growing so successfully often find themselves pushing the limits of what QuickBooks can handle and what can be reported on and analyzed efficiently. Bison has written an in-depth eBook that discusses the pros and cons of staying with QuickBooks and includes a complimentary checklist to help business owners choose the right direction for their financial data management. Register and download the eBook from Bison.

Perfect for CFO’s Who Want To Scale Up On QuickBooks

After working with countless CFO’s of growing companies, we know deep down they want more from their financial data. Most of them agree that QuickBooks is a fantastic accounting software solution. They just need more robust tools geared toward growth companies to quickly and easily create reports that provide meaningful insights.

That’s why we came up with the Bison System. With Bison, you avoid the need to migrate to an expensive new ERP system. With our scalable automations, you save hundreds of hours a year creating the reports you need. And you gain deep insights that help you grow your business.

Learn how Bison can supercharge your QuickBooks to drive growth.