Supply Chain BI

Supply chain management has become a complex process of coordinating many moving parts. Just-in-time and globalization have created more challenges that cannot be addressed within a single organization. Data-driven supply chain management becomes a must-have for maximum efficiency.

Supply Chain Analytics

Supply Chain Dashboards and Reporting

InetSoft's dashboards not only present a unified view of supply chain as intuitive visualizations, but they provide instant access to powerful business analytics through real-time interactivity and customization. Document reports, suitable for both online and offline distribution, make integrating 3rd party suppliers effortless.

Supply Chain Reporting and Dashboard Example

Data Mashup for Complete Supply Chain Control

As supply chain extends globally, data becomes scattered in many places and in many formats. InetSoft's data mashup technology addresses this challenge head-on. As a tool for both designers and power users, it does not require heavy IT support. InetSoft's data mashup engine is integrated with visual dashboard design as a single web app. Data mashup can be immediately inspected with visualization. Likewise, visual dashboard design can quickly adjust underlying data mashups.

Supply Chain Data Mashup

Supply Chain Optimization via Machine Learning

Machine learning identifies patterns and trends in data. For example, machine learning can find the importance of factors that are impacting key performance indicators such as on-time delivery, tender acceptance rate, and meeting capacity commitments. InetSoft's web app allows machine learning results to be seamlessly mashed up with human analysis. It perfectly complements human-extracted information.

Machine Learning Supply Chain Dashboard