Supply Chain Reporting and Dashboards

Do you need to create a unified view of tracking manufacturing input and output while monitoring your organization's budget and actuals? With InetSoft's Style Intelligence you get instant access to powerful business analytics and real-time interactive dashboard solutions for performance monitoring and exploration.

Predictive analytics can help forecast supply needed to meet demand based on past seasonal performance. Reduce stock-outs and visually identify root causes faster than traditional reporting allows.

Supply Chain Reporting and Dashboard Example

Examples of SCM BI Applications

In logistics management, BI reports can display all the data about transportation providers as usable information in a scorecard format. Factors such as on-time delivery, tender acceptance rate, and meeting capacity commitments are assigned metrics and weighted averages to help logistics managers determine how well carriers are performing overall.

Managers and executives who want a quick daily overview of what is happening in their transportation or supply chain network use dashboards, which provide information in near real-time to help users catch and solve problems as they occur. Dashboards make it easier for users to identify trends and exceptions and to analyze specific components of their transportation operations more intuitively.

Reasons Why Organizations Choose InetSoft

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"Using Style Intelligence from InetSoft gave us the ability to provide a graphical representation of the key data to top management right 'out-of-the-box' and move from static tables of numbers to charts and graphics that are much easier to understand."
- Sergio R.


"I spent months looking for the best dashboard/reporting app to suit my business. I literally tried and tested every application out there and I have to say that the Style Intelligence App is by far the best. It is simple to use and it is absolutely brilliant if you are needing dashboards on custom objects." - Jacki A.


Other BI Applications in Supply Chain Management

  • Predictive Analytics for Stock-outs
  • Seasonal Factor Analysis
  • Supplier Performance Tracking
  • What-if Scenarios
  • Short-term Forecasting
  • Risk Assesment
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supply chain management dashboard example

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