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Since 1996, InetSoft's visual analysis software Style Intelligence uses a reporting-driven approach to enable rapid deployment of analytical dashboards. Dashboard software has been established as a highly effective business intelligence tool. Our dashboards can be monitoring-oriented or reporting-oriented and are a foundation of performance management software.

Style Intelligence does not require a desktop based server. It is web based and compatible with popular internet search providers, and is accessible on mobile devices. Take a look at the versatility of BI implementation with our dashboard software. Click on the reporting images to get a better look.

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Worker Safety Analysis

construction dashboard

This worker safety analysis gives a high level view of construction accidents as well as basic revenue and payroll.

Accidents are broken down by company role as well as by state.

Visual Mortality Analysis

healthcare dashboard

In this visual mortality analysis you can easily wring out a huge variety of statistics surrounding national mortality. The visuals can be displayed by age, race, gender or cause. You can filter out specific diseases within each Cause or zoom in for an intimate analysis within certain communities.

Easily spot the major causes or drill down to find the way certain causes affect demographics differently.


Racial Tolerance Analysis

political dashboard

This racial tolerance analysis comparing tolerance with economic freedom combines the best of both world by using both map charts and a multidimensional bubble chart. The addition of color and sizing on the bubble charts results in a total of four measures displayed in a single chart, allowing complex sociological patterns to be explored.

Visual What-If Analysis Example

Easy Visual Analysis Software Example

This visual what-if analysis example breaks down historic product volume and discount distributions and uses the data to predict changes in revenue and profit.

Large KPIs detailing historic profit and volume make the comparison with predictions easier.


Visual Customer Service Analysis

political dashboard

This visual customer service analysis lets customer service managers see who's handling the most calls and who might need some attention.

The analysis refreshes with live data ever 30 seconds, giving an overview of current calls in real time.

Visual Demographic Analysis

Easy Visual Analysis Software Example

This visual analysis of United States census data demonstrates the flexibility offered by multidimensional charting.

In addition to population and median income on the x and y axes, region and property value are displayed using color and fill.

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