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Are you looking for the best mobile BI solutions? Since 1996 InetSoft has been making BI software that is easy to deploy and easy to use. Get interactive dashboards on phones and tablets quickly. With HTML5 delivery via a browser no app download is required. View a demo and read customer reviews from some of the 5,000+ happy customers.

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Why InetSoft?

InetSoft's mobile BI application is easy enough to be:
  • Deployed in just weeks
  • Learned by end users with minimal training
  • Used by any executive without the aid of IT
agile enough to be:
  • Adaptable to changing data and business needs
  • Used for data exploration through visualization
  • Capable of maximum self-service
and robust enough to:
  • Attract the attention of executives
  • Meet the demands of power users
  • Scale up for organizations of any size

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About InetSoft

Since 1996 InetSoft has been delivering easy, agile, and robust business intelligence software that makes it possible for organizations and solution providers of all sizes to deploy or embed full-featured business intelligence solutions. Application highlights include visually-compelling and interactive dashboards that ensure greater end-user adoption plus pixel-perfect report generation, scheduling, and bursting. InetSoft's patent pending Data Block™ technology enables productive reuse of queries and a unique capability for end-user defined data mashup.

This capability combined with efficient information access enabled by InetSoft's visual analysis technologies allows maximum self-service that benefits the average business user, the IT administrator, and the developer. InetSoft was rated #1 in Butler Analytics Business Analytics Yearbook, and InetSoft's BI solutions have been deployed at over 5,000 organizations worldwide, including 25% of Fortune 500 companies, spanning all types of industries.

Mobile BI Customers

What Are the KPIs and Metrics Tracked for Mobile Wind Turbine Service Technicians?

Tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics is crucial for wind turbine service technicians to ensure efficient operations, maintenance, and performance optimization. Here are some of the most important KPIs and metrics typically tracked in this field:

  • Availability: This measures the percentage of time that a wind turbine is available and operational. It's a fundamental metric for assessing the reliability of the turbine and the effectiveness of maintenance efforts.

  • Downtime: Downtime is the opposite of availability; it measures the amount of time a turbine is not operational due to scheduled maintenance, repairs, or unexpected failures. Minimizing downtime is essential for maximizing energy production and revenue generation.

  • Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF): MTBF measures the average time elapsed between consecutive failures of a wind turbine component. It helps assess the reliability of equipment and identify areas for improvement in maintenance practices.

  • Mean Time to Repair (MTTR): MTTR quantifies the average time required to repair a failed component and restore the turbine to operational status. Minimizing MTTR is essential for reducing downtime and maximizing availability.

  • Performance Ratio (PR): PR compares the actual energy production of a wind turbine to its theoretical maximum output under ideal conditions. It helps evaluate the efficiency of the turbine and identify factors impacting performance, such as blade degradation or mechanical issues.

  • Yield: Yield measures the actual energy output of a wind turbine over a specific period, usually expressed in kilowatt-hours (kWh) or megawatt-hours (MWh). It provides insights into the overall performance and productivity of the turbine.

  • Fault Codes and Alarms: Monitoring and analyzing fault codes and alarms generated by the turbine's control systems help identify potential issues or malfunctions before they lead to major failures. Tracking the frequency and severity of alarms can inform maintenance priorities and strategies.

  • Component Health: Monitoring the health and condition of critical components such as blades, gearbox, generator, and tower structure is essential for proactive maintenance and avoiding costly breakdowns. Metrics like vibration levels, oil analysis, and thermographic inspections can provide insights into component health.

  • Work Order Completion Time: This metric tracks the time taken to complete maintenance tasks or repairs, from the moment a work order is issued to its closure. Efficient work order management is essential for minimizing downtime and maximizing turbine availability.

  • Safety Incidents: Tracking the number and severity of safety incidents, including accidents, near misses, and compliance violations, is crucial for ensuring the well-being of technicians and maintaining a safe working environment.

  • Training and Certification Compliance: Ensuring that technicians are adequately trained and certified to perform their duties safely and effectively is essential. Tracking training completion rates and certification status helps maintain workforce competency and compliance with industry standards.

  • Cost of Maintenance: Monitoring the cost of maintenance activities, including labor, spare parts, equipment rental, and contracted services, is important for optimizing maintenance budgets and identifying opportunities for cost reduction or efficiency improvement.

why select InetSoft
“Flexible product with great training and support. The product has been very useful for quickly creating dashboards and data views. Support and training has always been available to us and quick to respond.
- George R, Information Technology Specialist at Sonepar USA

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