4 Ways to Use Business Intelligence for Writing Services

Every large writing business and most middle-sized ones are faced with the problem of providing management with inaccurate data on the state of affairs of the service. The reasons may be different, but the consequences are always the same - wrong or untimely decisions that adversely affect the effectiveness of the service's financial transactions. To help cope with such a situation, a professional business intelligence system (BI) was designed. This high-tech technology helps to build a system of management control of every aspect within the writing business.

The purpose and capabilities of BI

At its core, BI is advanced analytical software for writing service analysis and reporting. The software can use data from various sources and present it in a convenient fashion. As a result, the management gets quick access to complete and transparent information about the state of affairs of the writing service.

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Modern business intelligence systems are multifunctional. That is why in large writing services, they gradually replace other ways of obtaining business reports. The main capabilities of BI are:

• Connection to various databases;
• Generating reports of varying complexity, structure, appearance and layout with high speed. It is also possible to set a schedule for the generation of reports without a person's participation;
• Transparent ways of working with data;
• Clear link between information from various sources;
• Flexible and intuitive configuration of the access rights of employees in the system;
• Ability to save data in any format suitable for you - PDF, Excel, HTML, and many others.

Business intelligence solutions allow the manager not to be dependent on the IT department or their assistants who provide the required information. BI also provides an excellent opportunity to demonstrate that your decision is right using solid data. In addition to large writing services that have been using BI systems for a long time, there are also retail companies such as Amazon, Yahoo, Wall-Mart, etc. that have leveraged business intelligence.

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The benefits of professional business intelligence systems are as follows:


The main interface of any software for business intelligence reflects key performance indicators. Thanks to this, the manager can quickly assess the state of affairs in the writing service and undertake certain actions.


Each user is able to customize the interface and function keys in the most convenient way;

Multilayered nature

Each data set has several sections (layers) to provide that detail information needed at a particular level;


Users can collect information from several sources simultaneously;

Multitasking and access control

Simultaneous operation of a large number of users with the ability to set different access levels for them is implemented in BI systems.

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The whole IT community believes that business intelligence systems are among the most promising areas of the industry development. However, their implementation is often hampered by technical and psychological barriers. What's more, BI systems are quite expensive and not all businesses can afford them just like not all businesses can offer fast customer service to their customers. Nonetheless, below you will learn why all businesses should leverage BI.

1. Increase the effectiveness of employees

The more people have access to the data, the more profits and benefits the writing service will end up with. Business intelligence solutions allow companies to maximize information capital and turn every employee into a person who makes responsible and effective decisions. Armed with up-to-date information in real time, a specialist can make informed decisions that influence the results of the writing service's performance.

2. Quickly get answers to the most pressing questions

Business intelligence systems allow you to get data at any given moment. By using BI solutions, writing services can quickly extract the necessary information from a large amount of data.

3. Reduce the time taken to input and manage data

A powerful and properly configured BI system helps reduce the time it takes to process information. When using business intelligence systems, workers can quickly compile reports. And the time saved in preparing those reports can be devoted to analyzing the results and making more balanced and effective decisions.

4. Identify customer needs

BI systems allow writing services to identify sustainable patterns of customer behavior, creating a clearer understanding of what customers want, when they want it and how they want it. This internal information can turn into a direct profit for the writing service by linking existing data to the habits of consumers and retaining valuable clients for the service.

You can also apply the information received from BI systems to the needs of customers in order to understand who your best customers are, where to find them, and what customers it is best to get rid of.

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