InetSoft Webinar: Introduction to Data Virtualization

Below is the continuation of the transcript of a Webinar hosted by InetSoft on the topic of Agile Data Access and Agile Business Intelligence. The presenter is Mark Flaherty, CMO at InetSoft.

Mark Flaherty (MF): You simply need to invoke it through visual tools, visual orchestration capabilities and in this way then you can essentially leverage the work of really smart people without you yourself without having to rebuild the wheel which that’s the old silo approach having to rebuild everything yourself. No, in an agile data access world, you reuse it all, and that way you can build very sophisticated new applications very quickly for a very low cost.

So a game plan is in the next 90 days identify those use cases for agile BI and data services within your company, the priority use cases. See where your current vendors, your BI, your warehousing, your data integration and other vendors provide you with the tools to go towards more of an agile approach that focuses on maximum reuse in an iterative fashion.

And you should consider best-of-breed platforms that enable agile data access. Make sure they cover a full range of data virtualization and data and information integration services that address both your needs to bring in structured and unstructured information across your Internet and across the Web. So longer term, you can re-architect your BI and data services environments to enable maximum agility according to the model that I laid out earlier in this Webinar.

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Move your best practices, move your internal practices for developing BI and data services away from the traditional waterfall style, a time consuming, a silo-friendly approach towards more of an agile approach that’s fast and flexible and collaborative and iterative and social and really helps you to deliver results much more quickly by putting together reuse modular components.

And then you of course make agile data access the common approach and common backbone for not just applications but increasingly for transactions and applications to be combined in ever more powerful business applications.

Now let me share a little perspective on what our customers are seeing with respect to the adoption of data services, data virtualization and Web integration. The ultimate goal is that you want to make your business processes around different aspects of the business whether they are operational processes, customer focused processes, financial processes far superior to your competition and that requires intelligence and that in turn requires data services. So in this example, we are looking at several customers we have had both in the telco, insurance, and banking spaces. You may also want to know customers’ technical support incidences and resolutions, and you might actually also offer some up sell and cross sell.

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