InetSoft Article: Facts about AI that Everyone Needs to Know

Artificial Intelligence is a concept of science which is rapidly expanding. It can be an interesting topic for science trivia challenges and science projects by students. In basic language, artificial intelligence is the ability of a machine to learn and perform a specific task. Scientists are intrigued by the fascinating results by auto driving cars or the Siri application in our mobile phones. They are striving continuously to advance in this field. The ultimate goal is to produce effective systems to perform trivial jobs and activities which take a lot of human efforts.

Applications of artificial intelligence range widely from the banking and finance sector to medical care, information technology, agriculture, and even human resource management. Data scientists create algorithms and predictive analysis of the behavior of machines. They install a set of instructions to perform specific tasks.

As the machine is programmed and strictly goes by the logic of algorithms, there is little to no chance of any mistakes. That's why AI is used for the safety and security facilities for facial recognition. The ultimate goal of scientists is to provide AI systems with problem-solving and decision making capability. Although the dream is far from reality, people are still afraid that AI robots might take over the world or individuals will be unemployed in the future because a robot replaced them.

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In the light of growing interest in AI, in this article we will walk you through some of the exciting facts about artificial intelligence:

1. Investments in Artificial Intelligence

It is an astonishing fact that most businesses want to specifically invest in the research and development of artificial intelligence. Almost 51% of small and medium enterprises believe on that AI is the future. China is striving to gain global world dominance through the use of artificial intelligence. Google and Microsoft are spending a higher percentage of their budgets to introduce AI into their networks and computing platforms.

2. Artificial Intelligence Makes Decisions For Us

Whether we deny the fact or not, most of the products we buy these days are indirectly suggested to us by artificial intelligence. The researcher has created programs which deduce our shopping preferences based on our online presence. It is frightening to think that our lives are driven by robots and computers.

3. The Luxury of a Driver-Less Car

It is expected that by 2027, the auto-mechanical industry will boom. Now your car might not be as exciting as "Optimus Prime" in the Transformers movie, but you will fulfill your dream of the driverless car. It is kind of fulfilling your destination without any worry about traffic and driving fatigue. AI technology will do that for you. Nvidia has created an assistant who is capable to drive your car safely. This technology might not be so common and is not perfected yet as well, but in the near future these assistants will be everywhere.

4. Chess Playing Robot

Chess is such a complex game for even humans to understand and gain perfection. It takes time and energy to understand each and every move, but the brilliant scientists at IBM made that possible by simply programming the correct algorithms in the computer. As surprising as it sounds, the artificial intelligence based computer already won the world champion for playing chess. It defeated the world champion Garry Kasparov in 1997.

5. Artificial Intelligence in the Customer Service Industry

The Customer Service industry is already stressful for both workers and industries. The cost of setting up a call center is too much that most of the companies prefer to outsource it in the third world countries where they can find cheap labor. As technology has advanced, organizations have found a new way of allocating the workflow by investing in artificial intelligence to compete in the customer service industry. It is predicted that by the end of this decade, customer service professionals will no longer be required in companies.

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6. Robots Can Heal Themselves

We all thought that the computer or robot is also a machine, and it will wear out with the passage of time. Here we are wrong. Scientists are working on making these machines self-healing. Researchers from VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) claim to have used a flexible material in manufacturing robots which will enable them to heal themselves.

7. Thoughts of Scientific Big Shots

About AI People from the scientific community have mixed feelings about artificial intelligence. While the fascination in AI leads Alan J. Perlis to believe in God, Stephen Hawking thought that AI might replace a lot of jobs, and unemployment will be at the peak. Elon Musk believes that AI should be controlled by human beings as it might destroy the human race in the conquest of excellence. Similarly, an artificial intelligence expert at NASA's research center, Neil Jacobstein, believes that humanity has to strive to compete with artificial intelligence in terms of intellect and IQ.


Artificial Intelligence is a fascinating phenomenon. It will provide human beings the technology to advance in areas where machine learning is required. As we have seen in movies, robots cannot win from humans as they do not have those flexible thinking and creative knowledge to shape their lives. Scientists believe that even if the technology is advanced enough, they might replace or relieve human beings from doing trivial jobs, but they cannot replace mankind with complex thinking and empathy. Moreover, the machine wears out with the passage of time whereas human beings learn from every experience of life which make them more valuable and wise.