Ways Network Operations Managers Use Dashboards

Dashboards are very essential for companies that deal with online customer services and sales departments. The prime need of having a dashboard in your organization is that it will help you track and visualize the overall performance. Once you know the elements that are affecting your business performance, you can modify your objectives and change your approach to market trends and customer behavior.

Let's say that you own a business that is connected with multiple networks. Dealing with such a system can be tedious and challenging. You know certain challenges will be there, and you need to act professionally towards them. The toughest task is to manage those networks with the utmost accuracy.

If your network is not performing well, you have to face criticism for being outdated with the customers' data. One way to counter this problem is to hire a team to look after your networks, and another one is to have a NOC (Network Operation Center) at the company.

In this article, we have provided detailed information about managing the dashboard for business purposes. Apart from this, we have also illustrated the key benefits of NOC dashboards. So, without further ado, let's dive straight into it.

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Benefits of having a NOC Dashboard

  • It backs up data that is stored on the network devices
  • It provides you with the patch management
  • It prepares performance reports
  • It monitors and manages security software

What are NOC dashboards, and How to implement them?

A dashboard is an analytical tool mainly designed to review and manage big data across industry verticals. Many organizations may have already started using dashboards. In such companies, their managers do have certain tasks to record such as the general amount of new and old customers, types of orders, customer satisfaction. Things take time if you are using a manual dashboard, it is better to use a modernized automated dashboard to manage multiple networks with ease.

Incident Management Dashboard

This NOC dashboard basically collects the information on current incidents. Using this dashboard, your managers can easily track down the violation of SLA (Service Level Agreement). It also helps your team understand new insights into open and unassigned incidents. Eliminating the problem before it arises will come handy in running a successful network.

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SLA Compliance Dashboard

  • Your network operations managers will have access to the following if the Service-level agreement is violated.
  • Uptime
  • Availability
  • Response time
  • Other SLA compliance factors

Port-Mortem Dashboard

This specific dashboard is used to analyse the incident. Your team can review the incident thoroughly, and apply needful changes so that the same incident never happens again. When you want to set up Port-Mortem Dashboard, you need to consider the following elements:

  • Relevant information about the incident
  • Root cause analyses
  • Incident actions
  • Incident timeline

For example, if a customer asks for a particular book, then the respective bookstore needs to collect all information regarding that in order to improve the service. If needed, then the managers should change predefined protocols to develop essential takeaways.

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MTTR and MTTA Dashboard

MTTR stands for Mean Time to Resolution whereas MTTA means Mean Time to Analyse. Such dashboards are needed to find out the estimated time required by the network manager in case of system failure. The network managers must come up with the information on how long it will take to be in the action. If you feel the overall response time is not in accordance with the requirement or the outcome, you can change your approach towards it.

Service Level Dashboard

Service Level Dashboard is the best option when you want to track down various service levels. This will help your team set objectives and review the performance in the process. You can apply this method to both individuals and groups.

Apart from this, the dashboard helps you organise your targets. It lets you compare several metrics and help you produce new insights which will help you achieve new ways to meet Service- Level Agreement.

Business Dashboard

When you are into a business, you need to take a lot of things into account. For such cases, it would always be helpful to have an analytical tool that can track each incident that your company has faced. The dashboard with business and executive metrics is used for this purpose only. When your network managers know what incidents are affecting a company's growth, they can easily tackle the problems.

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How to Choose the Right Enterprise Dashboard

  1. Mentioned above are the different examples of dashboards that your network managers can implement in your organization. However, it is also necessary to evaluate the right dashboard as per the operations. Here are three key points before choosing the right dashboard.

  2. Set the purpose of using the dashboard. It is essential to let the team know why the dashboard is created, what it can do, and how the NOC team can utilise it.

  3. Start with the simple KPI dashboard, further you can advance as per your requirement. This would help the NOC team to generate appropriate insights using optimal data load.

  4. You can always have the authority to add or delete the dashboards if they are not performing as per the result you require.


Dashboards are critical to organizations that need to use data to make important decisions. Utilizing a dashboard can help you fold your head over confounded data, the connections that various parts of your business have with one another, and how patterns are advancing over the long haul. We hope this article will help you more about Network Operations Dashboards. You can drop your views on it in the comment section below.


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