Ways to Use AI and Machine Learning for Content Marketing

Content creation in marketing has traditionally been perceived as a creative channel that has almost nothing to do with technology, but the truth is that AI and machine learning are making a profound impact on modern content strategies.

Today, it's hard to imagine a productive team of content creators without a whole set of advanced tools and platforms. A recent report suggests that 63% of companies are outperforming competitors with help from marketing automation.

But how AI and machine learning are changing the content industry? They do it in many different ways thanks to the sheer versatility of the two technologies. In this article, you will learn the following:

  • The basics of AI and machine learning
  • 9 ways they amplify content marketing strategies

We have a lot of interesting details to discuss here, so let's dive straight into the topic!

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The Basics of AI and Machine Learning

AI and machine learning are complex systems and they require a special introduction before we delve deeper into the subject.

By definition, AI refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. On the other hand, machine learning is the application of AI that provides systems with the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed.

In case this sounds complicated, don't worry as it makes a lot of people confused. The key point is that AI and machine learning have a lot of practical effects on almost every business or industry out there, including content marketing.

According to the report, marketing automation on average drives up to 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead. At the same time, 82% of marketing leaders say improving customer experience is the leading factor in their decision to adopt AI.

Many other stats prove similar capabilities of modern technologies, but now it's time to focus on the main section of our post.

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9 Ways AI and Machine Learning Improve Content Strategies

AI and machine learning influence content marketing in many different ways, but we will concentrate on the nine most useful and interesting solutions. Here they are:

1. Content research and topic generation

The vast majority of content creators find it difficult to keep coming up with interesting and valuable topics day after day. It's a serious job that demands a fair share of research and analysis if you want to identify the best topics for your target audience.

AI and machine learning make it a much simpler process because they automate research based on multiple inputs. New technologies analyze search intent, keywords, content trends, and many other factors to determine the most relevant topics in a given moment.

2. Personalization

If your content attracts thousands of consumers, you must know how hard it is to meet the expectations of every micro-group of users. This is where high-tech solutions come in handy since you can use them to personalize content according to readers' true needs.

For example, you can customize emails and craft unique messages for each subscriber individually. You can also write articles for customers in different stages of the sales funnel. It's not a one-size-fits-all approach anymore, but rather the highest level of content personalization.

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3. Content proofreading and editing

AI and machine learning are getting better with every piece of content they review, which is why you can count on automated proofreading and editing features these days. For instance, I use the following services:

  • Grammarly: This platform proofreads textual posts within seconds and helps marketers improve their articles in no time.
  • Hemingway App: Apart from proofreading, this app also edits the text so as to make it better and easily readable.

Of course, there are dozens of other AI-powered tools that you can use to enhance textual content.

4. Content industry becomes cost-efficient

Content creation used to be a slow and costly process that involves a lot of research, planning, and intuition. The same goes for modern marketing, but now we have AI and machine learning to help us build a cost-efficient content strategy.

How come?

The two technologies automate most of the manual work and save time for content designers. They process information within seconds and make corrections that skyrocket ROI. That way, the entire industry becomes more impactful and less expensive.

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5. Productivity keeps growing

This benefit of AI and machine learning in content strategizing is closely related to the previous on our list. Namely, the entire content industry is now growing in terms of productivity because creators can finally focus on topics instead of trivial tasks. Instead of wasting hours classifying keywords and analyzing target audiences, they can immediately start doing the real job since all the relevant information is already available.

6. Programmatic advertising

Another thing new technologies can do is automate advertising and let your campaigns thrive on their own. Targeting tactics are used to segment audiences using data so that advertisers only pay for ads delivered to the right people at the right time, and depend less on the "spray and pray" method of digital advertising.

Machine learning makes it possible to personalize ads and adjust preferences in real-time, which in turn leads to highly productive advertising campaigns. There's no room (or need) for guesswork anymore because advanced algorithms know what, how, and when to do better than human marketers.

7. Content optimization

One of the best things about AI and machine learning is that it helps you optimize content in all sorts of ways. You can make each post better using functions such as:

  • Search engine optimization for improved ranking
  • Scheduling posts in the long run
  • Choosing the right timing based on audience preferences
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8. Understand users' sentiment

Modern businesses take care of online reputation and do all they can to understand how users think and feel about their brands, products, or services. However, it would not be possible without AI and machine learning as the two systems are able to track and monitor multiple communication channels and thousands of online commentators simultaneously.

They can pinpoint every brand-related comment and warn you about negative reviews, complaints, and reactions. It enables marketers to reply to users, give the necessary explanations, and solve problems on the go.

9. Data analytics and reporting

The last advantage of AI and machine learning in marketing is pretty obvious. Human marketers would take days or weeks to review all stats and facts about their campaigns, but new systems do it almost instantly. It's a great way to improve your reports and showcase the pros of marketing campaigns to managers or clients.

The Bottom Line

AI and machine learning are penetrating all aspects of life and business, so it's not a surprise to see them changing the content industry as well. In this article, we showed you the most important ways these two technologies have been impacting content marketing recently.

It is quite a dramatic evolution, so you should definitely think about adding AI and machine learning to your marketing arsenal. You don't need to utilize every feature, but you should take advantage of the most relevant functions and you'll notice content improvements very soon.