Does Your Reporting Software Meet AdHoc Needs?

Looking to design or modify interactive reports yourself, without outside help? The ability to transform data into charts and tables for easier analysis is something that more business users are looking to take into their own hands. Perhaps you’ve tried to work with experts and had difficulty communicating exactly what you were looking for in your reports. There’s a solution for independently creating the reports that you want, one that requires only a small amount of learning.

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Easy Interactive Reports

InetSoft’s Style Intelligence is an easy, agile, and robust adhoc report software that allows users to create interactive displays of information, available anytime for online viewing and analysis. It's evident that reporting is important in everyday business, and information requirements are constantly changing. Adhoc reporting tools are typically designed for database experts, so without knowledge of SQL and other languages, users cannot create and revise their own reports without relying on developers or IT staff. With InetSoft’s product, users can easily include or modify any details or data fields they want, without any IT intervention. These interactive reports can be edited by other end users based on their permission level, changing chart types and dimensions, and bookmarking their customized views.

Accessible Adhoc Reporting

Since business reports are complex, report writers often use large applications that require immense skills and knowledge, but InetSoft’s adhoc tool is web-based and easy to use. There’s no need to understand database query language or data structures. InetSoft’s Style Intelligence automatically handles all the technical details of accessing data, offering you and your users, reports in a web-based interface that can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection, on desktops, laptops, phones and tablets.

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