AskNicely Reporting Software

Are you looking to create customer service performance dashboards that pull in your AskNicely customer survey data in real-time?

AskNicely is a cloud-based online survey software that helps businesses create surveys and collect feedback in real time based on Net Promoter Score

InetSoft's flagship premium business intelligence software comes with a custom data connector for AskNicely as well as a host of other cloud based and on premise sources. Style Intelligence was designed to help you integrate any kind of data into your dashboards and reports.

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Real Time AskNicely Reporting

A user can design KPIs that respond in real time and to drilling and brushing, highlighting and more interactive techniques.

The mission of InetSoft is to supply a catalyst for efficiency and problem solving through cutting-edge BI, so special care was taken during the latest update of the flagship software, Style Intelligence, to include a powerful reporting engine that is capable of delivering static and dynamic reports, such as this call reporting dashboard.

Powerful BI Architecture

Organizations that are interested in enhancing the scope of their business strategy and that necessarily means expand the power and scope of their BI platform. Since Style Intelligence is so flexible, it can accomodate huge pieces of Big Data, spreadsheets, relational databases, data warehouses and mashup of data from disparate sources. This is perfect for an executive keeping track of performance through call centers and dispatches. As the information comes in, this example dashboard updates every 5 seconds, it constantly reflects the most recent conditions.

An exec can also use it to identify and solve problems and crises as soon as they arise. Arming yourself with information as it happens is the best way to stay on top of customer concerns and ensure quality. For example, it looks like a lot of Jay Matthews calls take 135 hours (greater than 400,000 seconds!). He is dragging up the duration averages and hurting company stature. He needs to be let go, and we were able to identify the problem by looking at the details in a simple chart in this interface.

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