A Good Solution for Automating Excel Dashboards

Style Intelligence helps transport your data from lengthy, hard-to-read spreadsheets to fast, user-friendly dashboards. Our dashboards help cut back on time spent deciphering data to allow for a more product-oriented business to thrive. Unlike Excel, Style Intelligence provides interactive user capability and is 100% Web-based.

The dashboard, in its uniqueness, can accommodate needs and mash-ups much faster than the traditional model of Excel spreadsheets allowing for decision making time to be shortened and for the user to retain a greater amount of information offhand.

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User-Friendly Visualization Tools

The visual straightforwardness of the dashboard makes it easier to cross analyze various data. The “drag-and-drop” method in creating the dashboard makes Style Intelligence more user friendly than complicated pages of Excel spreadsheets.

By displaying all the data concisely and in view, the dashboard helps users discover relationships among data that would otherwise go overlooked when using extensive Excel spreadsheets that exist on several pages.  It also allows for quicker access between data sets creating seamless transitions. Users can discover relationships within minutes and receive instantaneous results that track quarterly performance, geographic sales, and other key components.

Maximizing Potential

Visual data is more easily noted than tabular data. By transforming the tabular data into a more user friendly option, the information becomes more readily absorbed than raw data presented in Excel spreadsheets. Style Intelligence simplifies the process of creating such visual data. The dashboard tools eliminate human error that would occur from computing large amounts of data to get a fairly small result. By allowing the dashboard to process this data instead of having the user do it directly, businesses save time and human resources in achieving their goals.

The dashboard maximizes each user’s potential by allowing interactive capabilities that are easy to navigate. This way, the user can use tools that personalize the visual display of the data that is mostcomfortable for the user – whether it be color coding, graphs, shaping, trend lines, or mash-ups. Unlike Excel, the user’s capabilities are limitless.

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Our Unique Software

In contrast to other business intelligence applications that provide only reporting, or only dashboards, or require an intermediate data access layer, Style Intelligence is complete. It includes analytics software and sophisticated reporting capabilities plus direct access to almost any data source

Not only does Style Intelligence reduce costs and increase capabilities by cutting back on human resources required to input and manage large Excel spread sheets; the dashboard also allows access through desktop, laptop, mobile, tablets, or through the Web making its usage the more practical option. Style Intelligence combines more traditional models with state-of-the-art technology providing instantaneous results. By speeding up the time it takes to receive data and make decisions faster, the dashboard allows for users to meet their long term business goals. Its visual accessibility is the key to your success.