BI Comparison: InetSoft Against Tableau and Qlik

Deciding which BI solution to implement for your enterprise? If Tableau and/or Qlik are among your options, take a look at how InetSoft compares to these competitors.

InetSoft is a Java-based application that can be run on any operating system, such as Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP Unix, and Mac OS. Tableau and Qlik are Windows centric and can only be run on Microsoft Windows operating systems.

InetSoft only requires a one-time installation process and can be quickly deployed with minimal IT training. Being a zero-client web-based platform, the BI application maximizes self-service to its users. For visualization design, Tableau only provides a thick desktop developer tool that must transfer data from the web server onto the desktop, requiring a desktop plugin.

InetSoft’s empowers self-service to its users for all InetSoft features, including data mashup, reporting and dashboarding. Qlik’s customizations are restricted for dashboard usage and all other functions need to be performed via a Windows desktop tool.

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Get the Most Out of Your Data

InetSoft's signature enterprise data mashup engine enables users to extract from data from virtually any source and make unique combinations, for company wide analysis within a single view. The proprietary Data Block Technology automatically writes real-time queries as users drag and drop fields from different data sources.

Overshadowed by these features, Tableau uses a data blending service feature with simple joins; no customization, control, or reusability. Qlik does not have a data mashup function, but requires an ETL and database procedure, which in turn, is not as efficient and creates latency in the acquiring of new data sources.

Recent editions of InetSoft's Style Intelligence also include the options of database write-back and data entry capabilities. This full-lifecycle BI allows users to not only interact with their data using dashboards and reports, but to also massage data and make corrections to their data sources using these tools. Tableau and Qlik lack these data input and write-back capabilities.

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Unparalleled Visualizations and Reports

InetSoft renders its users with superior capabilities for generating visualizations and reports that stand out against Tableau and Qlik. Style Intelligence users can explore and analyze their data without any boundaries.

Using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, multiple objects per sheet can be added with multiple sheets per dashboard container. Tableau, on the other hand, only allows a single object per worksheet, with multiple worksheets per workbook. Qlik only goes as far as multiple objects per sheet. With InetSoft, users can fully customize and structure multi-dimensional dashboards, allowing them to better interact with their data and reveal important business information.

Style Intelligence fully supports paginated reports with pixel perfect quality and prompt publications, a capability that is completely absent with the Tableau and Qlik BI platform. InetSoft also includes advanced features such as scheduling, archiving, versioning and auditing that are driven by modern reporting needs.

Take a quick look at InetSoft's demo and see for yourself how easy, agile, and robust Style Intelligence is.

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BI Tool Comparison List
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