Agile Business Reporting Tool

Are you searching for an agile business reporting tool to help you keep up with your organization's informational needs? InetSoft offers reporting tools through its flagship platform Style Intelligence and a stand alone reporting tool called Style Report Enterprise.

Agile BI is often defined in two ways. The first is when a BI implementation in an agile manner through iterations. This is useful because users often do not know exactly what metrics are useful to them ahead of performing an analysis, so giving them some draft versions of their reports allows them to fine-tune as they are go along.

This is effective because it's hard to understand what messages are in the data until they're noticed; only then do users realize what changes are needed. InetSoft's business agile reporting tool is flexible enough to be tweaked endlessly without going back to the drawing board.

The other side of agile BI is self-service BI. The Business Intelligence application, itself, is agile. The user can interact with it and change it, and even play around in the data. These new Big Data capabilities can provide a great benefit to today's organizations. The larger the amount of data allowed for, the more questions can be answered definitively.

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Mashup Your Agile Business Data

InetSoft offers an end-user defined data mashup capability for reports and dashboards. Users can combine fields from different data sources, and can also import external data sources, such as spreadsheets, to create new combination datasets.

InetSoft's drag and drop viewsheets and data worksheets enable dashboards to be modified and created easily, and even facilitate the joining of data sources without any SQL needing to be written.

Business users require flexibility when it comes to reporting. Like data mashup, creating reports must be an accessible process for both IT and business users, alike. InetSoft empowers both with a combination of powerful authoring tools and a highly scalable deployment environment.

InetSoft's easy to use business intelligence tool combines the familiar environment of a word-processor with dynamic data manipulation, enabling sophisticated reports to be created using simple-to-understand software.

InetSoft Agile Reporting Benefits

  • Rapid implementation; minimum specialized IT expertise required
  • Shallow learning curve for business users; only Excel-level skills needed
  • Make it easy for analysts & administrators; no SQL experience required
  • Scale up with zero-client deployment and no per-user licensing
  • Accommodate quick, formal, and experimental change
  • Reduce data query and manipulation complexity
  • Deliver superior, professional quality presentation
  • Leverage standard skills - XML, JavaScript and Java
  • Reduce costs, including those related to report maintenance and management

Style Report also provides various report elements that displays data through texts and graphics. It's comprehensive because it allows use of tables, charts, and others advanced report components all in one report, and can be easily modified with individual data binding, formatting, and display properties.

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InetSoft Business Reporting Features

  • A simple point and click system; the user can simple grab data from any location in any format.
  • Two different layouts depending on the report designers needs:
  • The Flow layout treats reports like a word processor document. The report designer can place flow area into the report, which allows the report elements to flow from one area to the next.
  • The Tabular layout allows report designers to divide a report into cellular areas that each contain different portions of the report.
  • Complete control over how data is placed and displayed
  • Allows report designers to bind data to any report element and specify grouping and summary rules for every field displayed on that element. InetSoft's comprehensive business reporting tool can be used to create over 30 chart styles including bar, pie, line, curve, radar, waterfall, speedometer, pareto, candle, stock, stick, and bubble. These charts can be customized to show targets, provide desired x/y-axis formats and intervals, and even to show multiple datasets.