InetSoft Presentation: Collaborative BI Demo

This is the transcript of an InetSoft presentation and demo for a business intelligence analyst in March 2019. The highlights are in the area of collaborative BI.

Presenter: Okay. So first I’ll give you a bit of background on what motivates our product development and our marketing aims, as well. It is the kind of things that you’re familiar with, how the original BI solutions, going back at decade or more, much of them still suffer from this legacy issue. We are a business intelligence vendor that’s brought in good solutions for the kind of problems that BI applications have had in the past.

We’re taking on the inflexibility side of things, access to different data sources. A lot of BI platforms require a data warehouse investment, and while we are compatible with those kind of environments, we also are very nimble and able to connect different data sources. That provides an infrastructure that is able to adapt to different changing requirements. This is agile BI. Any business is always changing what they care about looking at.

Attendee: So who would you say are your competitors? Are you complimentary to maybe an Oracle and or an SAP?

Presenter: Well, we would compete against those two as a BI platform.

Attendee: Okay.

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Presenter: But we connect to their data sources. So obviously we work with an open data source, but with SAP for instance we have a custom connector to access their ERP application. Just not to their BI data warehouse. Attendee: Okay. I guess then also QlikView? Presenter: Exactly, exactly, right. We do compete against those big BI vendors head to head, and then we also compete against people like QlikTech, and then visualization is a strong side of our application so Tableau, we also compete against them.

Attendee: Okay. Presenter: It is quite a big market place for us to compete in. Attendee: Yeah, that’s kind of interesting right now. I mean it is the way I see it with the BI market because there are many new technologies, and people are trying to get the big advantage, or are trying to catch up, and it will be interesting to see what’s going to happen during a couple of years to see where everything is gone.

Presenter: Yeah, one of the reasons we’ve been able to compete is by not being a big huge company that’s grown over the years by acquiring different technologies. We built everything in house, and we’ve been around since 96. We started out with the reporting platform. That became very mature. We added visualization over the years and a stronger data access layer. So we’ve been able to cover the whole range of BI needs.

Attendee: Yeah.

Presenter: So just a couple of more points to make on this slide before moving ahead. In terms of difficulty of use, well that does cover both the developer and IT side of things, but here we’re stressing for the business user and the power user to make the application easy to use. Again, it’s just one application for virtualizations, dashboards, and reporting. Self service is important, and we recognize that.

That’s one of things people need in order to overcome the frustrations of reporting, and those request backlogs. And data exploration, as we start talking about the visualization side of things, that’s really an important solution for the ability to handle all those ad hoc requests that always was build up over time.

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Attendee: Okay.

Presenter: So we turn around those challenges into features and benefits, and we summarize them with this catch phrases: Easy, Agile and Robust. The software’s been designed to be deployable by just any IT department. You don't need to have expensive BI consultants to set it up. For people to start creating dashboard and reports, if you’re just a power user, or the kind of person with excel level skills, you’re going to be able to create your own dashboards and reports very easily.

But even if you’re a business executive without even that kind of desire, you get a lot of personalization and interactivity built into a dashboard or report that someone else makes for you. The web based server solution scales well in enterprise environment. Also it's embeddable into any other web solutions. We have many OEM clients who have some specialized solution, and they use our technology for the visualization and reporting layer as well as the data access layer.

Attendee: I mean is that the biggest part of your revenue, OEM?

Presenter: It’s pretty much half and half. Attendee: Okay.

Presenter: In terms of revenue, yeah.

Attendee: Okay. Right.

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