How Computer Dashboard Software will be helpful to you?

The name of the game is Computer Dashboard Software. Designs that are easy to use and easy to deploy, conscious of the latest technologies to improve and to have cutting edge innovation.

We are a business intelligence software company offering visually-compelling, interactive computer dashboard that ensures greater end-user adoption plus pixel-perfect report generation, scheduling, and bursting.

We believe software should be seamless. Quick, easy, accessible. Experience our free Demo and Test Drive our dashboard with ease! We help compile and assist in the creation to optimize the use of your data.

Get in contact with us today! Contact one of our technical specialists to get a transparent understanding of your data and interpret its meaning in a simplistic manner. We care about the sensitivity of your data, keeping it your data safe with our program is one of our top priorities.

InetSoft offers three products with a focus on different usage models. They are based on the same analytic engine and Big Data platforms. We provide the Style Scope which are visualization dashboards, analytics and real time monitoring. The Style Report published pixel-perfect reports, ad-hoc reporting and scheduled delivery. Lastly, the Style Intelligence is complete data intelligence for dashboards, reporting, intuitive machine learning.

In eCommerce, it helps to have the data as accurate as possible, and what's more reliable than using Excel as a reporting tool is having a separate reporting tool that collects and reports the data in real-time.

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Beginning to use our Dashboards?

To test drive our products simply sign up free using a company or personal email. Next, upload data that you wish to be displayed, feel free to move, turn and change anything to change the appearance of your landing page. We have taken the extra steps to ensure your needs are met whether it is related to a Sales Revenue/Profit Analysis, Market Leads Trends, Financial Client Dashboard, Product Management, or a Financial Summary Report. Don't worry we got you covered and with much more options for use of your data. Prepare for a hassle free experience that will surely interest your need for one of our dashboards.

Our customers' experience means the utmost importance to us. Making sure you can have an easy yet educating. We comprehensively changed our dashboard demos to make sure you have a seamless experience. Simply login or register with an organizational email or personal to try the app in one of two ways. You can test drive the in-cloud web app with your data or the sample data provided. And or download then run the small footprint web server which can run on a desktop or laptop. Catering to both small and large foreign factors. We cover those aspects to fit your needs.

Say you're using Style Intelligence to take the information that you have from your own eCommerce store to track your executed sales transactions. While doing so, you could also pull data you have from Google Analytics which displays who has visited the website and who has stayed on the website or made a purchase. You could take the two different pieces of data and join them, using InetSoft's data mashup to create a combined dataset. Style Intelligence will allow you take in and combine both pieces of data using the unique data mashup tool. With that data you can come up with new metrics, for example, a ratio of page views to new customers.

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Create Your Own Interactive Dashboards

Would you like to create your own interactive dashboards like this, to display and analyze customer transaction statistics or any other topic that interests you? InetSoft has Style Intelligence and that is a software where you can connect to a variety of on-premise or cloud data sources, to create interactive visualizations which can be shared and accessed anywhere with an internet connection. What you see on the eCommerce Dashboard is just a small sample of the variety of chart types, colors, styles, and types of analysis that can be performed on Style Intelligence. For examples of other interactive dashboards built with Style Intelligence, click here .