InetSoft Webinar: Different Use Cases of Analytics

This is the continuation of the transcript of a Webinar hosted by InetSoft on the topic of "How to Implement Business Analytics." The speaker is Abhishek Gupta, Product Manager at InetSoft.

Enterprises have different use cases of analytics. Analytics has become an absolute expectation in the business across every organization. The people who are driving analytics are very knowledgeable. They have their own webinars, and everyone joins to hear the next best use case that’s available to them around this data. So it’s absolutely making a huge impact.

How do you enable a real time enterprise that simultaneously analyzes, acts and transacts at the same time? That is the only way for you to be successful in this new generation of Big Data. An absolute pre-requisite is the real time data platform. What I mean by real time data platform is that until today the technologies that have typically supported the transactional storage and data warehousing have been distinct and separate.

They have each been optimized for the particular niche and nicely separated, very nicely in their star schemas by the different teams responsible for these different applications. But looking into the future we now see a new possibility that the real time data platform can serve both. I’ve read recently that over a fourth of organizations are now beginning to bring analytics and transactions together, and this is going to be absolutely critical to be successful.

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We must be able to handle both the analytic and transactional loads of organizations and deliver in what I call that network of truth that everyone can contribute to and leverage. A true real time data platform allows any analytical view to be generated without incurring additional storage costs, and this is key to enabling the network of truth, because using data mashup technology, which is what we do, allows the analytical content to be endlessly replicated, modified and re-imagined.

That’s important because everyone should be able to re-imagine it any time and not have to ask their IT department to go back and rebuild their database. You need to be able to do this without incurring the traditional storage and processing costs associated with data warehousing. Any analyses need to be dynamically generated from the original records without requiring the aggregations to be pre planned or pre calculated.

I know I am getting a bit technical, and so those technical people out there, you know what I’m talking about. The only way to get a network of truth is to have a one place to store, one place to calculate, and to have a real time platform that doesn’t mean you have to go back and rebuild constantly. This is a dynamic world we’re living in, and this will enable you to achieve new possibilities that you are never be able to before.

So this is the only slide where I would tell you what InetSoft has to offer because I don’t want this to be sales presentation. I want this to be more of education around big data and helping you understand what’s going on out there. I wanted to show you some examples of how InetSoft might be able to help you. But I will tell you that we are highly focused on Big Data right now. We have a Big Data platform that will help you run your real time enterprise. Big Data apps and analytics are where there is a lot of attention now.

I want to help you engrain insights into your DNA, and that’s what's critical to be successful. You do not have to rely on a data scientist working in the back room to get those calculations. These Big Data tools allow you to get the data where you need it to be that help you get the right calculations out to the outer edges of your business so that everyone can be predicting. Everybody can be leveraging complex calculations. And they do not even have to know that they are doing so.

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So I am going to summarize by just saying imagine the possibilities. Imagine what you can do to make Big Data real and make it something that is available today. This is not something that is ten years from now. This is something you can do today. We have so many customers who are doing the coolest things because they look at data differently, and so I encourage you to think differently.

Put the customer first. Put your people first and figure out how you are going to achieve new possibilities when you enable Big Data solutions. Become that state-of-the-art enterprise like the people that are performing and leveraging analytics today. So with that I am going to wrap up, and I think it is time for Q&A, and we’re happy to answer any of the questions that you may have.

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