Executive Program Management Dashboard

As an executive of a company, every work day is filled with a surplus of tasks. Finding time to track your company’s performance can feel hectic; however, there is a reliable, quick and easy solution to this. An Executive Program Management Dashboard is a visual representation that allows executives to view their company’s performance in real-time.

Executive dashboards make it possible to prioritize time, resources and work necessary for success. Dashboards provide a current view of defined processes, as well as existing issues and potential risks that can be prevented. Although an executive dashboard shows a detailed analysis on big data, creating a dashboard requires no IT skills and minimal learning.

Dashboards can combine loads of data from multiples sources by connecting with your application programming interfaces (APis), through your current business systems. All the data is pulled into one place, saving the hassle of having to log in to multiple systems and sources.

Automatically having data extracted prevents the risk of human error that comes with manually selecting and entering data. To make information more accessible, data can be manipulated.

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Advanced Dashboarding and Analytics

An executive dashboard allows you to gain more insight on your business, making it easier to highlight great aspects of your business, as well as any problem areas. Set custom key performance indicators (KPIs) to keep track of in your organization. Measure performance throughout your company and make improvements along the way. Save the hours of time spent on logging into multiple systems and running reports by simply using an executive dashboard, which shows you the latest results on each report you need.

As an executive, it is extremely important to set up a powerful business plan for your organization to follow and successfully have your employees perform to these expectations. An executive dashboard can meet these needs by automatically showing your goals from your business plan versus your actual, real-time results. Becoming aware that their performance is being watched, employees will begin to improve their work; which will help your industry prosper.

Reliable and Convenient Dashboarding

With InetSoft, your data is safe under a secure system that has been trusted by many companies since 1996. Dashboards can only be accessed by the author and anyone given permission. Your dashboard automatically and securely connects to your data in real-time, and continuously updates in real-time. The dashboard is available for viewing on desktop, tablet, mobile device, and the cloud. An Executive Performance Management Dashboard allows you to better manage your business, increasing sales, profits and performance. Let InetSoft help you achieve this.

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