Dashboards and Visualizations for Facebook Ads Manager

InetSoft's business intelligence dashboarding software connects to Facebook Ads Manager's data so that you can create interactive data visualizations to better analyze the vast amounts of performance data the application collects. In addition, you get better KPI dashboarding with a Web-based drag-and-drop design tool that lets you chart any data including custom conversion types.

Facebook provides good basic dashboards and drill-down reporting features, but they are quite limiting when compared to a professional dashboard reporting solution like InetSoft's. Particularly when analyzing multiple dimensions in large data sets such as your Web site traffic and PPC facebook advertising performance, you need more flexibility and interactivity.

With an easy-to-use visualization designer, you can quickly add selection lists, range sliders and calendar selectors to build an efficient way to monitor and explore your data. Even more powerful is the ability to mash up this data with other data in your enterprise, particularly your CRM data where lead and sales data are stored. Now you can track KPIs like CPL (cost per lead), CPO (cost per opportunity), and most importantly ROI (sales revenue associated with campaigns and keywords).

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Example of a Facebook Ads Manager Visual Analysis

This example above illustrates the analysis of Facebook Ads performance. With Facebook's built-in reporting interface you can filter on all of the PPC metrics, but you can only sort on one at a time, which quickly frustrates you when you are trying to simultaneously maximize or minimize two of them, such as conversion rate and click through rate.

Dashboards Combining Organic and Paid Web Traffic

Despite being similar, dashboards displaying Facebook ad data and Facebook organic performance are only cosmetically unified, they cannot be displayed together in-product. With InetSoft's dashboard designer you have access to every single metric at every hierarchy, and you can mix and match them as desired.

Reporting on Custom Conversion Types

Having multiple conversion types such as quality visits or content interactions is a much more powerful way of measuring ROI for PPC, social media, and SEO activity, but Facebook doesnt combine them in it's reports. Even the custom report tool doesn't let you choose one at a time to analyze ad group or campaign performance. With InetSoft's business intelligence solution, you have unlimited flexibility.

Mashing Up Facebook Ads Manager with CRM, Financial and ERP Data

Probably the most powerful capability you get when you choose InetSoft for your marketing dashboard reporting front-end is the ability to mash up your Facebook data with your sales pipeline data. Now you can take into account lead quality and actual revenue generated in your ROI analyses.

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