Food Safety Dashboard Software

Big data analytics are becoming a larger part of everyday life. Many organizations are eager to get insight into their development trends, to understand the bigger picture of their industry and make better decisions.

In the past years, food poisoning in restaurants has been one of the hottest concerns.

Also, with the ongoing pandemic, more and more people begin to pay more attention to health and safety problems.

Undoubtedly, keeping restaurants in a hygienic state is the most important aspect of running a restaurant, and strengthening the health inspection of local restaurants is a crucial task for local health departments.

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Government health departments handle enormous amounts of data, which is why many health departments need business intelligence solutions to manage and analyze data as efficiently as possible. And Style Intelligence by InetSoft can help.

The Style Intelligence solution will enhance public health department's abilities to detect problems, conduct research and assessments, identify trends, and develop evidence-based solutions.

Food Safety Analytics

With the powerful analytics functions provided by InetSoft, a health inspection dashboard such as the one above can be generated to help local health departments keep track of food safety issues in different boroughs and different types of establishments. It can also provide local restaurant owners with improvement guideline on common issues, enabling them to prepare for inspection.

This health inspection analytics dashboard will show you how easy it can be to create instant visual representation of restaurant safety.

By applying filtering and sorting functions on this InetSoft food safety analytics dashboard, local health departments and owners of restaurants can easily come up with the top violation cases among local restaurants through the intuitive charts on the dashboard.

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When it comes to multi-dimensional data analysis, InetSoft Style Scope serves as an effective way to visualize different restaurant factors, such as cuisine type, borough, grade and action taken, by easily dragging dimensions into the color coordinate bar or simply adding selection lists. For example, by using the borough and cuisine type filter, Asian restaurants owners at Queens can easily find out the most common violations in this type of cuisine and pay attention in advance.

By clicking on individual bars, users could also quest for more detailed information of restaurants through the flyover table, and health departments could focus on these specific problems when they inspect restaurants in that area.

Through the intuitive charts and filter functions on this InetSoft food safety analytics dashboard, health organizations can be more proactive in understanding the challenges our communities and residents are facing. Using InetSoft Style Intelligence, resources can be prioritized and directed more efficiently to meet those challenges effectively. InetSoft applications have provided an easy and intuitive way for government health departments to present the results of data. This reliable analysis dashboard would also assist the public in prioritizing their efforts, enabling government and public to work collaboratively, efficiently aligning their resources.

InetSoft's business intelligence solutions provides clients with a user-friendly interface that integrates a library of useful tools when creating, managing or analyzing data sources. The use of the solution would help unlock the full potential of the health departments in local governments, making them quicker and more efficient, recieving actionable insights out of the abundant amounts of data.

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