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The management of hospitals, clinics, and independent healthcare providers all involve tracking factors such as patient complaints, nurse and employee turnover rates, and more. When using basic office programs like Excel or SQL database software, processes of analysis are often cumbersome and prone to human error.

The answer for healthcare organizations is adapting a reporting software that can meet all informational needs through dashboards and reports, without having to rely on a professional analyst or spending copious amount of money on IT setup.

InetSoft's Style Intelligence offers visual analysis and data monitoring with real-time reporting capabilities, and is the ideal solution for healthcare providers in need of reports and monitoring dashboards.

Along with having a significantly lower entry point than other visualization and reporting providers, Style Intelligence's intuitive and robust reporting software allows nontechnical users to create dynamic and interactive reports perfect for any healthcare oriented organization.

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Cost Comparison

When it comes to comparing costs in business intelligence products, all of InetSoft’s products hold a much lower entry point than other business analytics providers (such as Tableau). InetSoft's smallest instance starts at US$1,4000 per year.

Tableau and similar vendors begin their offering at $US25,000, a typical starting price point for the business intelligence industry. Thus, InetSoft's yearly cost is nearly half of most dashboard software providers, allowing hospitals to utilize professional, high-quality dashboarding and visualizations without going over budget.

However, what truly separates InetSoft from its competitors are the differences in versatility. All of InetSoft's products, including Style Intelligence, are Java and web-based applications, compatible with any operating system and any web accessible device. Not only is Style Intelligence accessible on smartphones and tablets, it also does not require a large, client download; its end users only need a web browser.

On the other hand, most other BI vendors (including Tableau) are Windows-based and require users to download software onto each device to access dashboards.

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Style Intelligence’s Dashboarding Features

Style Intelligence offers various dashboarding and reporting options for organizations to create and build a wide range of visual analytics. SI's features include the ability to create multi-dimensional charts, where users can make charts or graphs with measures in a variety of ways, including size, shape and color. This kind of multi-dimensional charting is perfect for clinicians that want visualizations which display several different metrics at once, such as hospital admissions per year, the average length of stay and average patient discharge rates, or any other metrics that involve a multitude of factors.

Style Intelligence also has a variety of drilldown functionalities, for further exploring data. Drilldown allows users to access information associated with a specific report element on any dashboard or report, going as far as extracting raw data that matches a certain query. Drilldown is well suited for healthcare providers, since it can allow clinicians or doctors to pull out specified and detailed data of any variable from any interactive dashboard or report.

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For example, on an ER waiting time dashboard, a user viewing the average waiting time for patients to see a doctor could select instances in which wait times were above a certain threshold, and Style Intelligence would immediately bring up data in a report format, so doctors or managers could investigate the individual cases during which wait times were at unacceptable length.

Outside of dashboarding and reporting elements, Style Intelligence fulfills the need for data security, which is extremely necessary for hospitals since patient files are HIPAA protected and any breach can lead to legal liabilities. Style Intelligence's security model provides data security that is highly adaptable and configurable, in that care centers can import existing users, groups or roles from a database or LDAP server without having to reformat or manually enter them within InetSoft's software. The convenience of importing any existing users from a previous database, as well as the ability to set permissions by user, group, or data set, gives hospitals the confidence in knowing that their data will be secure within Style Intelligence.