InetSoft Podcast: How to Become the Best BI Reporting Professional

This is the transcript of a podcast hosted by InetSoft on the topic of "How to Become the Best BI Reporting Professional." The speaker is Abhishek Gupta, Product Manager at InetSoft.

Today’s podcast is about ‘How to Become the Best BI Reporting Professional.’ You have been staring at your computer screen for so long you can see your presentations, spreadsheets, and documents with your closed but burning eyes. These tasks take forever. You wonder if there is a better way, but how? You want to improve your presence in meetings, but how? Stop working so many hours. Become the authority for reporting at work. Fix work problems before they happen.

So I was watching these TED videos on my iPhone and I ran across the one by Simon Sinek, and it was amazing. He did this phenomenal job of explaining the difference in how you organize and how you present information with how our brains actually respond to it.

He went into the biology of our brain and how it hits a certain part of your brain first before it hits another part of the brain and so how you present information registers for people on an emotional level before it registers in these others areas, so it was amazing.

He actually broke it up into three things. And he was using Apple as an example, but there are other companies that you can use as examples. What he said is you know there are these three areas. Why you do what you do is the first thing. And then how you do what you do is the second thing. And then what you do is the third thing.

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Most people talk about what they do in terms of well, I provide videos, and I do podcasting, and I write a blog. Okay, that’s what you do all right. Now how you do it? What is it that you are trying to accomplish there is a little better. You are talking about how you do it. What are you are trying to accomplish? But when you talk about why, what you are really getting at is what you believe.

What is it that you fundamentally believe, and if you present that first, and then present how you do it, and then what you do, then people are much more interested and much more engaged. I thought I would actually go through and try and do this with my in the context of business intelligence reporting.

So one other thing that we firmly believe within the BI reporting community is that you can get more out of your job. You can get and do more with your job than what you are currently doing. I mean we have seen it over and over. People will spend hours on mundane tasks or very intricate things that are just sucking up all of their time and effort and energy and it leaves nothing left for them to actually do the higher level thinking.

Frequently, they say executives don’t have the time to actually do that higher level thinking of what they should be doing, which is what is the strategy, what is the direction, and what is the goal for our business. And instead of spending time on that, they are bogged down with who is hired, who is fired and compensation. They are totally buried in that stuff, right?

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But getting back to it focusing on what you believe and we believe that you can get more out of your job. We believe that you can do more in your job, we believe that you can be happier at work than you currently are. And that’s not just lip service. How you do that we believe that you can do it you can be happier at your job. And you can get more out of it and here is how.

So we are going to show you how to reduce the time spent doing certain tasks. We will help you learn how to reduce the time that you spend on things. We will show you how to do new things that you haven’t figured out before. We are going to show you new terms.

We are going to cover new areas, things that you can use within your current environment to engage with people, to focus and to spend the time that you want to spend in the areas that you need to spend them in, rather than getting caught up in what you are stuck into. We are going to show you how to get past that.

Now how do we do that? Well, what I do, and what we do here is we create training videos to show you how to do these things. We create podcasts so that you can learn this information while you are exercising or while you are going to the gym or driving in your car or whatever it is. You can take this with you and learn and adapt and grow in these times where you have got this space.

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We have got a blog so you can sit there and read this stuff. You can get this stuff sent to your inbox so that you can get that information and use it in your work environment. So that’s what we are trying to accomplish. We believe that you can get more out of your job. We believe that you can be happier in your current position.

We will show you how to reduce the time spent on mundane tasks. We will show you how to get past some of this data stuff and get you to that point were you can do that higher level analysis and have thoughts in areas that are more beneficial and more interesting to you. All right, let's get you past that stuff, and how do we do that? Well by providing you this information in training materials as videos and information and podcasts and in documentation in our blog.