InetSoft Webinar: Key Benefits of This Visual Reporting Solution

This is the continuation of the transcript of a Webinar hosted by InetSoft on the topic of "What are the Benefits of a Visual Reporting Solution?" The speaker is Abhishek Gupta, product manager at InetSoft.

That’s one of the key benefits of this visual reporting solution. It breaks down the cycle of pain, and as in this case, a couple of people can bounce ideas around. This could be a manager. It happens all the time a manager is going into a meeting with his bosses or the board and needs to be able to answers on the fly. With this kind of tool, he or she has got the all data there so they can answer their questions on the fly with a whole set of data in memory.

To summarize and conclude this portion of the demonstration, there’s five test of problems that we see visual reporting and analysis apply to. The first is list reduction which you saw several examples of that, certainly the university giving example on prospect identification. Next is portfolio analysis, the airline example, where you try to understand out of this portfolio of flights where do I need to focus.

This could also be assets, people, projects, or proposals. We’re doing some work that identified performance, who are high paid low performers in a team of a couple of hundred thousand in a large company.

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It’s great for that because you can see what makes up that group. That gets into outlier detection where you found anomalies and unexpected behaviors, customer behaviors, staff performance, project progress, or medical claims issues, for instance. Another analytical use is for time series. We saw a little bit about that, but there’s a lot more you can do to look at trends overtime and cut the data apart to see overall trends. Is it going up? What is not going up within it? What makes that different from everybody else?

Quantitative analysis is not a part of today’s discussion, but there are charts we have that would show the statistical patterns. We have predictive analytics. This is good if the issue is who are my high pay low performers on my team? If you have got 200,000 people, you can run regression based modeling right off the data that’s in memory, and it will mine against the tables and tell you that you what the driving factors are.

Maybe performance is driven by seniority on the team. Maybe what types of groups they are in and so forth. Then you can score the population to identify others in a similar situation. And these are visual reporting and analysis tools are using new technologies of in memory data management. You saw several examples where we had multiple tables, and you saw how they interacted together.

Data visualization is a key aspect because you have to be able to see that data in clear and powerful ways. Predictive modeling rounds out the BI solution. So that concludes the demonstration portion of the Webinar. We have time now for the Q&A session.

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