Kickstarter Analytics Dashboards

From art to technology, crowdfunding projects are making a lasting impact on society, culture, and the economy. Kickstarter, the largest crowdfunding platform in the United States, has helped fund 221k creative projects successfully, generated $13.5 billion in economic impact, boosting overall employment.

In the future we can expect the crowdfunding industry to grow even more. Yet, despite all the impressive numbers and potential, there remains common threats in recent years, from the Covid pandemic to financial recession.

Kickstarter dashboard example

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Navigating the difficulties and promoting the development of the crowdfunding industry, investors require a platform that is more flexible and adaptable in it's predictions. InetSoft's dashboards are a powerful tool to analyze and make predictions on massive amounts of data. InetSoft's mission is to provide analytics that highlight which creative projects are worth investing in. To demonstrate that utility, InetSoft has analyzed Kickstarter campaign data by creating an online Kickstarter analytical dashboard. By implementing InetSoft's Style Scope solution, the Kickstarter analytics dashboard would help investors measure the health of crowdfunding platforms and make a few educated guesses as to future trends.

InetSoft's Kickstarter Dashboard

This InetSoft Kickstarter analytical dashboard is split into a number of chart. The master chart displays a map where the total number of crowdfunded projects are denoted by shades of color. From this chart, crowdfunding organizations could see the popularity of creating crowdfunding projects globally so that they can better target their markets. Here, crowdfunding organizations can see that the U.S. has the most Kickstarter projects created and they may need to put more investment into the U.S. market. By clicking one of the countries on the map chart, the other graphs will be filtered correspondingly based on the specific country we select.

Moreover, with InetSoft's Style Scope solution, many interactive interface components, like selection list, range slider etc., can be added to the dashboard. Utilizing the selection lists beside the map chart, crowdfunding organizations and investors are able to look further into a specific country or category to see their Kickstarter projects' statistics.

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The two following bar charts separately show the number of Kickstarter projects by category and the number of backers by category with color breakdown by project status. The objective is to gain insight into various categories and how easy it is for the projects in the different industries to succeed. From the 'Project by Category' bar chart, Kickstarter organizations and investors can see that the 'Film' category is the most popular category. However, higher project counts doesn't mean higher success rate. That's the reason why we add a color breakdown here.

Breaking down the project status in color to show the status(successful, failed, canceled, live, suspended) of Kickstarter projects in different categories, Kickstarter organizations and investors can tell which category has the highest success rate. In this situation, the music and film category have about the same high success rate, which means investors can not only pay more attention to film projects but also music projects; based on the 'Project Backers by Category' bar chart, Kickstarters who are interested in starting their own business can see that the 'Game' category has the most backers, which means the game industry is a good choice for their investment strategies. Also, with the powerful visualization cababilities of Style Scope, a corresponding data tip view chart that denotes the number of Kickstarter projects over years will pop up by mousing over the 'Project by Category' bar chart

From what we see above, InetSoft's Kickstarter dashboard is an easily approachable use of analytics tools that aims to demonstrate development potential to Kickstarter organizations and investors. With the Style Scope technology at InetSoft, crowdfunding organizations and investors are able to build their data with the best practices for data visualizations. From charts to tables, InetSoft's dashboard software offers many user interface components that help visualize data. Through InetSoft's visualization components, crowdfunding organizations and investors can keep track of key data, like project category, project status, and project backers.

It's InetSoft's Style Scope solution helps monitor all the information they need and turn the massive dataset into simple and intuitive interactive graphics, that allow crowdfunding organizations and investors to focus their energy on the outcoming analysis.

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To better understand the data on the dashboard, Style Scope solution also offers an advanced real-time analysis method. With the help of InetSoft's Style Scope solution, crowdfunded companies can better understand their competitive situation by tracking real-time data and always having up-to-date views so that they can make better predictions and adapt quickly. InetSoft offers not only interactive visualizations design but also a user portal which is integrated with the rest of the solution, giving users and professional designers full control of their visual dashboards and allowing them to cooperate closely and coherently. Moreover, InetSoft business users are allowed to log in their portal through different devices, even on smartphones, with full visualization interactivity.

On the other hand, as an online web application, InetSoft's dashboard software is able to handle massive amounts of data and ensure high performance with the in-cloud platforms integrated. Whether you are looking for a customized front end user interface, or advanced data analysis capabilities, InetSoft's dashboard software would always be a good choice. Given the maximum self-service control ability granted InetSoft's dashboard solution, even non-tech users would find InetSofts dashboards powerful and easy to create, edit and personalize. With InetSoft's business intelligence dashboard software, companies not only in the crowdfunding industry but also all other industries are able to become a leader role in their fields.