Logistics Dashboard Reporting Software

In an increasingly competitive logistics environment, controlling and understanding logistics data can make a big difference in business activities, and using InetSoft's Style Intelligence logistics analytics tools will enable logistics managers to understand and take full control of their departments or organizations.

To help logistics managers accomplish this type of success, InetSoft has created a dashboard of professional logistics metrics that will not only ensure that logistics operational processes are running smoothly, but will help optimize costs while still maintaining quality service.

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InetSoft Style Intelligence uses the functionality of data mashup to combine multiple data sources in an easy and intuitive way. By using data mashup, logistics managers are able to create and combine data sources together to enrich their dataset. For example, by combining and visualizing the information of sales by different transportation methods and the popularity of transportation methods in different regions, logistics managers can tell which transportation method is the most profitable in specific countries and cities.

Through analyzing data from multiple sources, InetSoft Style Scope helps provide the logistics industry an at-a-glance view of their business performance from different perspectives.

Logistics Analytics

There are multiple functionalities on the InetSoft logistics dashboard which visualize data in diverse styles of charts, aggregates and filters. By using map charts to illustrate the global product shipment trends and setting a flyover treemap chart on the map chart, logistics managers would be able to find out which countries have the highest shipments and click the country on the map to further explore the top cities that have most logistics demand in that country.

Moreover, there is also a function to manage or calculate data through using simple script languages, like JavaScript and SQL queries, which will allow logistics managers to develop a large panel of criteria and logistic KPIs in order to improve the shipping experience (delivery status etc.) and finally lower transportation errors.

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To maintain profitability in the logistics industry, finding the most profitable transportation method is critical. InetSoft Style Scope allows logistics managers to track, visualize and optimize all relevant logistic processes in an efficient way and get a sense of how the profit is affected by quarters, territory, regions and product size. InetSoft Style Scope with boundaryless self-service analytics provides actionable information that logistics managers can use to immediately lower cost and gain more profit. The powerful self-service analytics of InetSoft Style Scope also help businesses cover important KPIs.

Overall, the InetSoft application is a user-friendly interface that provides users with flexible and rich visual components to analyze data development trends.