Pervasive BI: Allowing Users Across an Enterprise to Explore Data

InetSoft provides an easy-to-use, web-based BI platform that enables BI to become pervasive across your organization. Providing BI to more employees diminishes the latency between the recognition of events and the implementation of subsequent actions. Access to BI facilitates the decision-making process and speeds the deployment of organizational initiatives.

InetSoft's Style Intelligence can seamlessly integrate data warehousing information, along with historical and real-time data from a variety of sources, into a web-based BI platform that is intuitive enough to be used by employees at all levels of your organization. Giving these employees hands-on access to a BI tool that they can actually use, removes the ambiguity of having to rely on a singly BI or IT professional for vital information.

In order to maximize the performance of a multilevel enterprise, everyone needs to have access to the information they need, when they need it. Style Intelligence is able to meet that need with it's user-friendly interface and web-based platform.

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Powerful Data Mashup and Mobile Capabilities

InetSoft's robust data mashup engine is able to merge and manipulate vast amounts of disparate data through its simplified interface. Anyone within an organization, from department heads to top executives, to suppliers and partners, can create their own data mashups, regardless of IT experience. Style Intelligence can access and combine virtually any data source, to create a single source of information. With this kind of convenience and usability, users across an organization can explore data relationships on their own, enabling them to make more informed decisions.

Since InetSoft's Style Intelligence is a web-based platform, reports and dashboards are not restricted to an on-premise desktop computer. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets can be used to issue pixel-perfect reports and explore interactive dashboards. The web-based platform enables everyone in an organization along with its partners to access, share, and stay current on business information and needs.

InetSoft Enables Pervasive BI

Style Intelligence's capacity for pervasive BI reduces the time on enterprise decision-making by:

  • allowing access with feasible navigation to all affiliates
  • implementing functional data management of historic and real time information
  • enabling mobile devices to deploy analytical reports and engaging dashboards
  • allowing the instantaneous reporting of reliable and accurate information

InetSoft's BI software aids the accomplishment of business objectives by providing enterprise-wide access to vital information in an easy-to-use, lightweight platform.

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