Publishing Analytics Dashboards

With the development of digital information over the past years, publishers have been enduring rapidly evolving challenges and opportunities in the digital space. Publishers have to find ways to adapt quickly to the market in order to turn informational challenges into revenue and opportunity. From bestsellers to reviews/ratings, from book genres to year published, publishers are dealing with more and more data streams and considerations in order to stay competitive.

Publishers posses a large amount of data. To analyze this data, there are many indicators for publishers to consider, including rankings, market share, dynamic sales varieties, inventory ratios and so on. These key performance indicators reflect various aspects of book sales from different perspectives by categories, and different publishers can choose effective indicator combinations according to their needs, to form a data system that reflects the status of published books.

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In addition to the book sales data of particular editions, publishers will also focus on the sales, delivery, and store response of similar books in the national market. The sales volume and ranking of particular editions and the national market sub-category rankings are also of concern.

Publishers need powerful business intelligence technology to integrate enterprise resources, effectively control costs, and improve management efficiency. This publisher's dashboard by InetSoft would be the solution to help them save time and make better decisions.

With powerful analysis methodologies and the easy to use interface of the InetSoft application, publishers can create interactive charts, tables, and crosstabs from their publishing data. They can also add filters by genre, year published, rating, reviews number and so on. Here are a few key dashboard views that illustrate how publishers can use InetSoft analytics to understand the most popular authors and genre.

InetSoft's Media Analytics Dashboard

Using the above media analytics dashboard as an example, publishers can easily find out the top 20 authors by reviews through sorting. Based on this information, publishers can print and inventory more books that come from the most popular authors. By applying the genre filter, publishers can easily identify which kind of books are worth investments such as advertising, helping publishers improve their ROI.

The InetSoft media analytics dashboard gives publishers deeper insights into how books are performing based on different measures. In addition to use by publishing companies, it could also give self-publishing or freelance writers a sense of current trends that they could use as guidelines for their own creations. Overall, this InetSoft analysis enables the publishing industry to improve efficiency and make accurate decisions that would catalyze their success.

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InetSoft's application is a holistic platform to analyze, plan, execute and report intuitive results and predictions in diverse industries.

Using intuitive visual data representations and tools provided by InetSoft Style Scope, users can produce graphs, charts, and other powerful visualization instruments that empower them to interpret their data and transform it into actionable insights that will benefit their business in many ways.

For the consideration of the overall book selling market and competition factors, InetSoft would be the intelligent tool to grasp the trends in the market data, and focus more on the indicators reflecting the overall market position and growth changes of the publishers, such as the market share and ranking, year-on-year and month-on-month growth changes.