Report Builder for MS SQL Server

Are you looking for a versatile and easy to use report builder that's compatible with Microsoft SQL? InetSoft offers Style Intelligence, a BI reporting software that runs on top of many SQL servers such as, Oracle, Ingres, Sybase and MSSQL.

Style Intelligence acts as a complimentary program, matching MSSQL's comprehensive querying ability with clean professional visualizations.

Style Intelligence was built to help make relational database management systems, like Microsoft's SQL Server, more impactful; to deliver a more potent analysis using streamlined build techniques.

Relational databases, like MSSQL, are fundamental to BI software. They act as a first step towards data organization; they are designed specifically to recognize relationships and patterns among your stored data. InetSoft's flagship software Style Intelligence works in tandem with MSSQL servers to bring easy yet proffessional visualization to your SQL powered reports and dashboards

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Mashup MS SQL Data with More

MSSQL is not the only relational database that InetSoft's line of Style products is compatible with. InetSoft's solutions are also compatible with Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL, plus multidimensional databases like XML, SOAP,, Progress among many others. This is a huge advantage that Style Intelligence offers: it already understands database structured query language. It is positioned like a translator in between the user and the database, allowing any level of user, from tech specialist to sales associate, can deftly weild Style's simple drag and drop techniques.

In fact, Style Intelligence has built in compatibilities and functionalities with Salesforce. While Salesforce offers an emphasis on the CRM aspect of BI tech, InetSoft's Style products optimize the CRM by allowing data to be mashed up, drilled into and presented in virtually any way the project designer can imagine. While Salesforce offers options for visualization, Style Intelligence offers a full breadth of analysis choices and a truly wide array of presentational features, giving you the freedom to present and manipulate your Salesforce data any way you choose.

And with the widespread proliferation of touchscreen technology, Style brand software is mobile compatible. Meaning once you have built your dashboard, your data has become pants-pocket portable.

Cutting Edge, Friendly Tech | InetSoft

Style Intelligence was designed to maximize convenience while still delivering on wide versatility and scope. It works from java on the web, so it doesn't need to be installed on every user's individual system. The result is it does not require an IT team to maintain. Further, SI employs the newest drag and drop and user friendly techniques, so any level of user will find it intuitive.

And in the age of smart mobile technology Style Intelligence works for you, with Oracle, Salesforce, MSSQL and other systems to delivering the latest data, the clearest way, in the most user friendly environment possible.

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