InetSoft's Report Generator Software

InetSoft's report generator software is ideal for application developers to embed PDF and interactive reports into their industry-specific solution. Design professionals can easily mashup structured and non-structured data into business report documents. Sophisticated business logic can be programmed in JavaScript. An API allows for complete programmatic control.

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Report Generator Software Features

Both interactive and paginated reports can be created, to meet both regular and ad hoc needs.  InetSoft’s report generator software provides multiple customizable options, with over 30 different chart types, a presentation element library, and subreport nesting.

In addition, with InetSoft’s automated report scheduling, managers no longer need to rely on employees remembering to publish certain reports at certain times. The scheduling function is enhanced by report bursting, a batch reporting feature in which many reports are generated offline as one large report, which are then internally segmented or “bursted”. Then, when users view this burst report, they will only see the segment of the report that targets them.  Scheduling burst reporting allows for great reductions in the time it takes to generate large numbers of reports.

Ad-Hoc Report Generator Software

An “ad hoc” report displays information that has not already been integrated into a regularly scheduled report. It is so named because it is generated to address an ad hoc informational need, or to answer a question “as it comes”. InetSoft’s report generator software also allows for the ad hoc creation and modification of interactive reports, to help decision makers explore data and find new patterns.

The interactivity in InetSoft generated ad hoc reports provide a cost efficient and quick way to analyze data. Data can be explored through filtering by dragging and dropping components such as selection lists, crosstabs, and charts onto interactive reports, all in a web-based interface that can be accessed by anyone with a web browser. These reports are mobile accessible, can be viewed in real-time, and can also be exported via email, as well as server and client based printing.

Users can also use the drag and drop interface for creating data mashups. the merging of data sources without the middle step of ETL and data warehousing.

InetSoft’s report generator software is a flexible and efficient choice for any business. If there exists an excellent, easy-to-use software out there, why not take advantage of it?

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