Building a Sales KPI Dashboard

A sales KPI dashboard is an essential tool for ensuring further sales growth. By understanding exactly where, when, why, and how sales are increasing or decreasing, managers are fully equipped to coach their sales teams properly.

InetSoft’s dashboard reporting software has the flexibility to track whatever sales KPI’s are required for effective management. And the great news is that it’s easy to learn to build dashboards, even for those without a technical background. Sales KPI dashboards can be drafted within a short amount of time through self-service due to InetSoft’s user-friendly interface, and easy point-and-click controls.

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What can be Visualized in a Sales KPI Dashboard?

InetSoft’s dashboard building software makes it possible to calculate and track any KPI that can be imagined. For example, sales performance can be compared between the present and previous quarter, and can be broken down by salesperson, product type, and region.

For example, the dashboard pictured above contains a good set of examples of commonly desired sales KPI's.  (More examples of KPI dashboards can be viewed by clicking the link below the dashboard image.) The dashboard exhibits analysis of product sales by charting revenue vs. price, top selling products, return rates, and return reasons. These sales KPI's are a good way to get a better picture of the sales health of an organization.

In addition, other KPIs that can be reported include sales opportunity close ratios, monthly closed-won sales, the number of new leads in a given month, and the dollar value of all opportunities in the pipeline.

Why InetSoft for Your Sales KPI Dashboard?

Through the built-in interactivity and flexibility of InetSoft’s dashboard software for data analysis, KPI dashboards are easy to build. In a sales dashboard, a further analysis of pipeline performance that allows for the breaking down of where sales tend to drop, how often, and other factors is useful for a sales manager or team member.

InetSoft is easier to use in comparison to other dashboard solutions. Sale teams are able to get their platforms up and running in weeks, not months. Self service is a major attraction for most sale teams because the constant dependency on IT is no longer an issue. Using InetSoft’s data mashup tools to gather and incorporate sales opportunity data from a variety of sources is also useful in creating KPI's that are calculated from disparate data types. Through mashup capability, for example, users can drag and drop lead acquisition data from Google Analytics, and merge those data points with sales data from a CRM, such as, enabling managers to find correlations between lead sources and sales.

The web based accessibility of  InetSoft’s dashboard building software permits sharing and distribution throughout the company, allowing all team members to be on the same page in terms of performance. The flexibility of the InetSoft’s sales KPI dashboard software ensures the ability to easily build whatever analyses and reports are necessary to properly fuel sales performance.

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