InetSoft Webinar: Self-Service HR Reporting

This is the transcript of a Webinar hosted by InetSoft on the topic of "Self-Service HR Reporting" The speaker is Mark Flaherty, CMO at InetSoft.

It’s a pleasure to share with you a proven reporting solution that might be new to HR folks. Today’s Webinar is specialized for HR professionals who need self-service HR reporting. You will see how you can create reports on your own within minutes. People say, it really cannot be that easy, but the answer is yes, it is possible by leveraging good design practices.

We will start with a high level overview of the query and analysis functions. We will address your address you questions on what is this reporting software, what does it take to run the solution, where is it integrated, how many fields are included, and how long does it take to implement this solution.

Then we will switch over, and you will see how you can create reports in minutes by using the report designer. We will walk you through creating a new payroll report as well as a benefit report from scratch.

We will also show you how you can schedule your report. Then we will walk you through the standard or the sample reports that come delivered with the solution. We will walk you through both the human capital management and the financial sample reports.

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We will then walk you through creating a fixed asset report from scratch, and then next you’ll see how you, not your IT team or the power users of your company can create interactive analysis reports. We will create and show you how to do general ledger analysis. After these live demonstrations we will wrap up with a summary and give you the information you need on who you can call for pricing and then we will open up the phone lines to hear what you think and we will have a questions and answers session.

So what is Style Intelligence? Some of you have been asking us, and the questions\ keep coming in, and we love it. It’s a reporting and analysis toolset, it gives you real time access to your HR and financial data. It is easy to learn. It will be familiar to you as it leverages the Microsoft Office suite, and you can have it up and running to create basic reports within one week.

What does this mean to you as an HR manager? This means you will have access to any HR field that you need. You will be able to point and click, drag and drop and drill down as you are looking through your human resources data. All the fields that you see in the demonstration are fields you can use to filter on or create output.

You won’t need to build any database joins as these joins have been built for you. But you’ll see that you can modify and add additional joins if you want. So can you imagine what you can create with a report writer like this? Let’s look how does it work with InetSoft. In this demo you will see us connected to JDE and PeopleSoft. So we will be working with the general ledger, payables ledger, fixed assets and accounts receivable. Also there is the human resources data, payroll and benefit administration.

What do you need to technically run the query and analysis tools? So this slide is something that you will receive as follow up to the presentation, and we also have a technical whitepaper available that we can send you upon request. So this is an ODBC compliant reporting tool. This is information if your IT department is not on the call today that you can share with them and again we have more details around the technical requirements available to you.

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We will kick off the day with both benefits and payroll and human capital management reports. We will walk you through accessing that information and show you how you can do create the report yourself and even create some new reports from scratch.

In a previous demo we created an HR diversity report for the folks in benefits and payroll. Today you are going to see how benefits and payroll report is written from scratch. Now one of the very strongest things about the query and analysis tool is the user interface. This is the user interface for the query and analysis tool.