A Better Report Builder for SQL Reporting Services

Are you looking for a way to build professional reports with data from a SQL Server that is better than SQL Reporting Services? InetSoft's cloud-flexible solution can query Microsoft SSAS cubes through MDX and mash up data with other enterprises data sources wherever they are hosted.

With an easy to use report building application analysts and developers can build the reports that they need with providing flexible design and layout options, including even a scripting option for those with extremely specific needs.

InetSoft's solution provides a shallow learning curve for business users of the web-based interactive reports. They can even create basic reports if they have just Excel-level skills.

Capabilities of InetSoft's SQL Report Builder

  • Ad Hoc Reporting: As a 100% web-based solution that can be accessed online through a web portal, InetSoft's application is able to build customized reports with a vast report layout and presentation element library.
  • High Performance and Scalability: With its configurable data caching technology, it becomes easy to create bursting and scheduled reports that incorporate any and all desired data
  • Interactive Report Viewing: Providing the options of real-time viewing and features like dropdown lists, text fields and other form controls, the application brings state of the art interactivity to traditional reporting.
  • Enterprise Reporting Environment: Scheduling with customizable conditions and actions, InetSoft's reporting solution also has the options of archiving and versioning.
  • About InetSoft

    Since 1996 InetSoft has been delivering easy, agile, and robust business intelligence software that makes it possible for organizations and solution providers of all sizes to deploy or embed full-featured business intelligence solutions.Application highlights include visually-compelling and interactive dashboards that ensure greater end-user adoption plus pixel-perfect report generation, scheduling, and bursting.

    InetSoft's patent pending Data Block technology enables productive reuse of queries and a unique capability for end-user defined data mashup.This capability combined with efficient information access enabled by InetSoft's visual analysis technologies allows maximum self-service that benefits the average business user, the IT administrator, and the developer. InetSoft solutions have been deployed at over 5,000 organizations worldwide, including 25% of Fortune 500 companies, spanning all types of industries.

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