Tableau: Worth the Cost?

Implementing business intelligence within your IT environment facilitates a greater degree of efficiency and accuracy in the countless business processes that your enterprise carries out. But deploying an effective and powerful BI solution does not have to be a huge expense.

If you are considering Tableau among your BI solutions, take a look at how InetSoft can be the more economic choice for your enterprise.

The lowest entry point for the InetSoft product line is a five-user pack that includes a creator/developer license and perpetual licenses, at a rate of less than $600 per user. On the other hand, Tableau's prices start from nearly $1000 per user.

Fully functional as both a stand-alone product and an add-on to an existing software, InetSoft's open-source standards solution enable data exploration with virtually any data source. InetSoft's flagship product, Style Intelligence, will provide your enterprise with easy, agile, and robust BI that will render your users with powerful data mashups, compelling reports, and dynamic interactive dashboards.

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InetSoft: Easy and Accessible BI

InetSoft's BI is a Java-based application that can be run an any operating system, including Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP Unix, and Mac OS.

A less versatile solution, Tableau can only be used on Windows. Users must download a clunky desktop plugin that transfers data from the web server onto their desktop.

Requiring only a one-time installation process by a user with basic IT skills, InetSoft's application be utilized right away. It is a web-based platform that can be accessed from any web browser or mobile device, including smartphones and tablets. Users can modify and view reports and dashboards off-premise, anytime, anywhere.

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More Flexibility with Better Data Tools

Tableau has branded itself on its visualization capabilities. However, in comparison with InetSoft, Tableau users are actually very limited in what they can actually do with their data.

A more limited dashboard interface, Tableau's platform requires a new sheet for each dashboard element, requiring a whole workbook for more elaborate dashboards.

Composing professional-quality, paginated reports is also a capability of InetSoft's application that Tableau lacks. This functionality is necessary for delivering properly formatted information to stockholders, government agencies, and executives.

InetSoft's user-defined powerful data mashup engine collects and combines disparate data from virtually any data source, and rearranges the data to be analyzed within a single view. The patent pending Data Block technology allows users to merge diversified fields and tables into a single relevant data model, using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Tableau's data blending is a more delicate, much more limited version of InetSoft's robust data mashup.

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