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InetSoft's Ad Hoc report software provides users with intuitive setup tools that ensure a high level of self-service for experts and novices alike. View the example below to learn more about the Style Intelligence solution.

To set page size and orientation, click the ‘Page Setup’ button on the Ad Hoc toolbar. You can select from various predefined sizes and portrait or landscape layout, or you can customize the size to suit your needs. When you are satisfied with your selections, click ‘OK’.

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ad hoc report setup example

To open the ‘Ad Hoc’ report for Ad Hoc editing, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the ‘Ad Hoc’ report in the ‘Tutorial’ folder in the Repository panel. You will be prompted to select some states for which to generate the report.
  2. Select MD, CO, and WA, and click ‘Submit’. This generates the report, and opens the report for viewing.
  3. Click the ‘Ad Hoc’ button in the report toolbar to enter Ad Hoc mode.
  4. Edit the report using the Ad Hoc tools. For example, right click some text, and select ‘Properties’ to edit the text element’s properties.

To change the page-region layout of the report, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the ‘Report Layout’ button in the Ad Hoc toolbar. This dims the report contents, and outlines the report regions in gray.
  2. Click on a report region (cell) to select it, or drag the mouse to select multiple cells. (Selected cells have a darker outline).
  3. Right-click on the selected cells to open the ‘Report Layout’ context menu. The ‘Report Layout’ context menu allows you to merge, split, insert, and delete row and column cells.
  4. Drag the cell boundary to resize the corresponding report region.
"The first area we have been more recently researching is how to link the data mashup engine we have already built, which performs wonderfully, and expand that use. It’s a very interesting scenario because we have found many people use this product in a way where they say, “Look, data mashup offers two modes of use. First, it allows us to mash up data for immediate use in an ad hoc report or a dashboard, and the second type of use is use the data mashup as a precursor to a data warehouse process.”

They are able to see what kind of information they really need before they start inserting new data into a data warehouse. As a BI SOlution provider, we are expanding in that direction and are looking to come out with new business intelligence technologies to help them to use this mashup engine with their data warehouse process, or ODS, so they can point to a certain portion of the mashup and say, “ok, here this portion makes sense to transform into the data warehouse, or ODS.”

Then our database access software can help them to perform that function." - Luke Liang, CEO, InetSoft

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