Reporting Software - Managing Report Elements

InetSoft's reporting software allows users to manage report elements to create stunning visual representations of complex data. View the example of our enterprise data management solutions below to learn more about Style Intelligence.

A report is made up of multiple elements. Examples of report elements are Text, Table, Chart, etc. You can manipulate the properties of each element independent of the others in that report.

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This section reviews the properties of each element using the 'Ad Hoc' report in the ‘Tutorial’ folder, but you can follow along with any report. Menu items that are common to all elements (e.g., ‘Data Query’) are discussed later.

You can change any element’s position or add additional elements using ‘Move’, ‘Insert’, and ‘Append’. Make sure you are in Ad Hoc mode. Right-click on any element and you will see a menu like those below. (The ‘Append’ menu is identical to the ‘Insert’ menu).

Additional options might be available depending on the element. You can use ‘Move’ to move an element up or down. ‘Insert’ allows you to insert an element in the report. ‘Append’ allows you to add an element after the current one. Following are the elements that can be inserted/appended using the above feature:

  • Table
  • Chart
  • Section
  • Text
  • TextBox
  • Image
  • Separator
  • Newline
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