InetSoft BI Webcast: Advice on Data Mashups

The DM Radio Webcast, “The Last Mile: Data Visualization in a Mashed-Up” from Information Management continues. The transcript of that Webcast, which was hosted by Eric Kavanagh and included InetSoft's Product Manager Byron Igoe and BI consultants William Laurent and Malcolm Chisholm resumes below:

Eric Kavanagh (EK): That’s a very good point. William, what Malcolm has just been talking about is very interesting, this source data analysis stuff, I wonder, you know we had a show a couple of weeks ago on data profiling and the importance of data profiling, I wonder if mashups can be used in that whole process. Especially when you have these very large organizations that have so many data sources. It can be a real mess trying to sort them out. And as Malcolm just said, sometimes you sort them out, and then they forgot, and you have to sort them out again. Is there a role for mashups in that very process of source analysis and understanding even what is out there?

William Laurent (WL): If there is, one of the vendors could speak to that more. I don’t see it. I see a perpetual cycle, continuing cycle of rolling up your sleeves, getting your hands dirty, and discovering. Business changes so quickly through mergers and acquisitions, through regulatory compliance, the speed of business is too quick. So I don’t see the silver bullet approach for getting your hands dirty. Where I am at now, we still have people going through COBOL copy books that are twenty-five years old, asking what does it all mean to really figure out the ontology of the data.

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EK: Any final advice on data mashups?

Chiang: Yes, I do. This is to all the IT staff out there. Mashups make your life easier. You should try to facilitate for it. They really do. It obviously cuts down on the development time for developing new dashboards, whatever the case may be.

EK: And Byron?

Byron Igoe (BI): I am actually going to second that. I think that instead of forcing users into subversive behavior, getting all the data out and playing with it in Excel, if IT actually embraces this idea and just sets up the playground for business analysts to help themselves, then you relieve the IT bottleneck. You relieve any communication disconnects. Everybody is happier.

EK: OK, that’s an uplifting note to end on. Good food for thought about some of the extra benefits of the new data mashup and visualization technologies. Thanks everyone for tuning into DM Radio today.

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