InetSoft Technology: The Benefits of Self-Service Business Intelligence

Self-Service BI is one of the most important advancements in Information Management for two distinct reasons:

First, business analysts are no longer dependent on their IT departments because the BI tools in place allow them to take advantage of the existing data infrastructure.   Currently, analysts either need have sophisticated technology skills, or they have to rely on IT departments to fulfill their data requests.  Using self-service BI, analysts will no longer need to wait on IT departments to fulfill their requests and won’t need to have advanced technical skills to perform their job.

Second, it is easier to share the results of analysis with business users, leading to better decision making.  Currently, analysts are forced to expend unreasonable amounts of time and system resources by creating multiple custom reports or again must rely on an IT department to generate their reports. Using self-service BI, analysts are easily able to create custom reports and data mashups and even business users can create custom dashboards and drill down for detailed information.

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InetSoft’s business intelligence software is built around a self-service philosophy that allows entire organizations to reap vast time and resource saving benefits:

  • IT departments can focus on maintenance and improving existing resources.
  • Analysts can focus on finding and assembling the information users need.
  • Business users can focus on decison making using up-to-date information.