InetSoft BI Webinar: Style Intelligence 10.2 - BI for ERP Applications

Mark:  Welcome everyone to InetSoft’s webinar, "What's New in InetSoft's Style Intelligence 10.2." It's our latest business intelligence software release for dashboards, reporting and mashups.  My name is Mark Flaherty, and I’m head of Marketing here at InetSoft, and with me is Byron Igoe, Product Manager.  

So, among the major areas you can see here we have: Monitoring and management where we’ve taken a very large step forward in terms of the kind of performance monitoring you now have at your disposal and we’ll be demoing that. 

Then there’s the geographic mapping of data and this is a scenario where we really brought our capabilities up to levels where you might have only found in specialized business mapping software and we’ll be demonstrating this as well. 

Third is a new term, data grid cache, which is the name for the technology that we’ve developed in 10.2 that delivers performance improvements as well as building architecture for scaling up for large amounts of data and/or large amounts of usage.  And last is new access to a host of third party enterprise application data sources.

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So we’ll do the last one first; the list of new enterprise application data sources. Obviously this might be advantageous to people have one of these applications in their organization and for a long time we’ve been focused on giving lots of access to open standards based data access, but now we’ve begun to broaden our access to third party proprietary applications data storers.  The first of these was back in ’08 when we added access to but now with this release you can see the new big applications like Siebel, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, and SAP. With that we’ll head to the next slide and talk a little about data grid cache

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