InetSoft's BI Software - Easy, Agile, Robust.

InetSoft offers BI software for dashboards, analysis, and reporting that is easy, agile, and robust. InetSoft's flagship product, Style Intelligence™, includes highly interactive and visually compelling interfaces and a sophisticated charting engine for multi-dimensional visual analysis, scorecards, and KPI dashboards.

Key benefits include:

  • Utilize existing data directly, realize immediate return on investment
  • Gradually introduce more self-service without disruptions
  • Share information among operational users, power users, and executives
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BI Software that Yields Immediate ROI

For business intelligence applications, it's often a gradual process of first effectively utilizing basic production reports then increasing end-user self-service with more sophisticated business intelligence tools . Instead of providing such a natural growth path, traditional business intelligence software has tended to force a big-bang approach that requires tremendous resources to start off, and locks users into a complex infrastructure.

Because of the high initial and maintenance costs, business intelligence tends to be viewed as a luxury reserved for deep pocketed companies only. On the other hand, single function software lacks the depth for non disruptive growth.

InetSoft's BI software, Style Intelligence, is unique in providing a flexible, step-up approach that leverages existing investments in infrastructure, IT, and end-user experiences. Instead of forcing an expensive, big bang "solution" on customers, Style Intelligence provides "business intelligence at your own pace" by allowing the customer to gradually build up BI functions to meet the needs of the customers.

An initial Style Intelligence implementation may include support for production reports for a transactional database and then may be upgraded as needed to include, interactive reports, ad-hoc reporting, on-line data analysis (OLAP) on data warehouses, scheduling, and exception alerts. By taking advantage of this component based, modularized design, Style Intelligence provides a platform that ensures immediate, measurable return on investment.

BI Software that Carries a Lower Cost of Ownership

Based on XML, SOAP, J2EE, and JavaScript, Style Intelligence is designed from the ground up with a 100% open standards foundation. Out of the box, Style Intelligence employs a complete open software stack that uses Apache Tomcat J2EE as the platform. JavaScript engine, standard DOM XML parser, and many other industrial strength components form Style Intelligence's complete infrastructure.

Because Style Intelligence is actually a standard Web application deployed into Tomcat, it can be deployed into any J2EE web platform, from commercial platform Weblogic and Websphere to open source alternatives, JBoss and Apache Tomcat. Style Intelligence can then be managed and supported just as a regular Web application to minimize support and administrative costs. For the report designer, Web skills such as JavaScript, HTML, and JSP can be readily applied to report design. Standardized skill sets greatly lessen the burden for IT recruiting, training, and managing.

Style Intelligence has equally strong support for both transactional databases and data warehouses. Transactional databases can be used as the foundation reporting source. The flexibility of Style Intelligence provides many analysis abilities that traditionally would have required a data warehouse. Data warehouses can be added to Style Intelligence when analysis complexity or performance requires so.

With open standards architecture, Style Intelligence delivers a lower total cost of ownership.
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