Report Data Highlighting

InetSoft's reporting software allows users to highlight data thereby facilitating the communication of the most important information. View the example below to learn more about the Style Intelligence solution.

It is very natural for an author to distinguish or highlight information that is of key importance to a reader. Moreover, readers often find it useful to add highlights to information that they need to recognize or access quickly.

Similarly, when you create reports, you will often need to highlight important data. For example, a Sales Manager reading a report on sales and profit might appreciate the states providing maximum profit to be highlighted for quick analysis.

Style Intelligence provides the ‘Highlight’ (conditional formatting) function as a convenient means to make important data more noticeable.

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What Are the Different Ways You Can Highlight Data Using InetSoft's Software?

  1. Color Coding:
    • Heat Maps: InetSoft's software provides heat maps, where colors represent values, making it easy to identify patterns and variations in data.
  2. Conditional Formatting:
    • Users can set up rules for conditional formatting to dynamically change the appearance of data based on predefined conditions. For example, cells might change color if they meet certain criteria.
  3. Thresholds and Alerts:
    • InetSoft allows users to define thresholds for key performance indicators (KPIs). When data exceeds or falls below these thresholds, the system could generate alerts or highlight the data for attention.
  4. Icons and Symbols:
    • Users may have the option to use icons or symbols to visually represent specific data points or conditions, making it easier to interpret information at a glance.
  5. Data Bars and Sparklines:
    • InetSoft's software supports data bars or sparklines to display trends or variations within a cell, providing a compact visual representation of data over a certain range.
  6. Grouping and Aggregation:
    • The software allows users to group and aggregate data, and visual cues could be applied to these groups, helping to highlight trends or outliers in larger datasets.
  7. Interactive Dashboards:
    • InetSoft offers interactive dashboards where users can click on or interact with specific data points to trigger visual highlighting or additional details.
  8. Annotations:
    • Users are able to add annotations to specific data points, allowing them to highlight and provide context or explanations for particular values.
  9. Dynamic Filters:
    • The software supports dynamic filters that allow users to focus on specific subsets of data, and the filtered data might be visually highlighted for emphasis.
  10. Customizable Themes:
    • Users have the ability to customize themes and styles, enabling them to highlight data in a way that aligns with their organization's branding or visual preferences.
  11. Data Overlays:
    • InetSoft's software offers the ability to overlay additional data on top of existing visualizations, aiding in the comparison and highlighting of specific data points.
  12. Advanced Charting Options:
    • Users have access to various advanced chart types and options that allow for more sophisticated data representation, facilitating effective data highlighting.
why select InetSoft
“We evaluated many reporting vendors and were most impressed at the speed with which the proof of concept could be developed. We found InetSoft to be the best option to meet our business requirements and integrate with our own technology.”
- John White, Senior Director, Information Technology at Livingston International

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