InetSoft Ratings, Awards, and Customer Reviews

InetSoft Technology has received many positive ratings, awards, and happy customer reviews. Here are a few selected ones that are all based on real users' feedback.

Highly Rated by Technologists

This G2 Crowd survey focuses on technologists who are responsible for implementing their business intelligence projects. Note that creating dashboards and reports are normally only part of an implementation. Many times, data transformation and mashup is more labor intensive than creating these visual end products. Out-of-the-box scalability and high performance are also critical for the project's success.

InetSoft placed third out of more than 100 vendors. In the same report, InetSoft rated among the five best BI providers for overall value and features.

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Recommended by End Users

This quadrant chart by Software Advice summarizes end-user experiences with Style Intelligence, InetSoft's flagship product. End users normally start with pre-designed dashboards and reports. Intuitive visualization, drilling abilities and responsiveness are key criteria in users' minds.

Futhermore, end users will gradually outgrow pre-designed dashboards and reports. At this point, self-service customization and ad hoc reporting will become important. Because user populations are diverse, these self-service features will only be effective if they require zero, or minimum training.

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Recent Awards

Software Advice BI FrontRunner

The content for FrontRunners is derived from actual end-user reviews and ratings as well as vendor-supplied and publicly-available product and company information applied against a documented methodology; the results neither represent the views of, nor constitute an endorsement by Gartner or any of its affiliates.

G2 Crowd High Performer

High performers are vendors who rank in one of the two right-hand quadrants in the G2 Crowd Grid for Business Intelligence Platforms based on verified end-user reviews. InetSoft earned this distinction for the third season in a row competing against 123 other BI applications.

Customer Reviews


Customer Service is the Best I've Encountered!

"I love this product! I was tasked with finding a BI tool to support our growing need for a web based interactive reporting and dash boarding tool. A colleague and I agreed that InetSoft's Style Intelligence was our number one pick after reviewing 8 or 9 other top names in the business. All the technicians are extremely knowledgeable, patient and will make every effort to accommodate your schedule and resolve the issue in a timely manner."
- Jack P.


Great Product and Easy to Use

"I have been using this product for almost 2 years, and I find it simple to use and gives reliable results. I recently had a team trying to create a report for 2 weeks with another BI product. Since they couldn't build what they needed they came back to me. I was able to get it for them in less than a day with InetSoft. I am a one person team getting reports to the business faster than the multiple person BI team can create them. I love this product!"
- Steven B.


Very Aesthetically Nice Dashboards

"There are many options for structuring your reports based on your system requirements, the product makes very aesthetically nice dashboards, it is versatile." - Danielle C.


Open to Easy Integration

"We use Style Intelligence as a BI platform for Data Warehouse systems which we design. The architecture which is open to easy integrations with other modules." - Tomasz M.


The Reporting System That Won Against 50 Others

"I evaluated over 50+ Reporting Solutions such as Qlikview, Report Plus, Tableau, BIME, and Yellowfin to name a few. This one beat them all, it has a complexity that reminds me of Qlikview without the 3 Months of Training Required. With over 300+ agents, making a unique one for each was a pain in Zoho Reports. With this one, I was able to make 1 report with 1 user account." - Josh W.

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Wealth of Tools

"We reviewed no less than a dozen analytics application platforms before selecting Style Intelligence. We have no regrets, the platform is solid, dependable, flexible and meets all our current and foreseeable analytic needs. It has an easy to understand user interface. Data aggregation from various data sources and types is relatively easy, and materialized views provide fast access to large aggregated data." - Les T.

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